Horizon Zero Dawn Stalker Stands Its Ground With Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studios recently announced there exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy statue. Well, there is also a companion piece for her as the Stalker has her in his sights. These fast beasts are one of the harder enemies to take down in the PlayStation exclusive game. Prime 1 Studios brings the Stalker to life with this beautifully crafted 26 inch statue. The monster is posed on a rock, ready to strike, and includes an adjustable jaw. On top of that, the Horizon Zero Dawn creature will get swappable LED eyes to switch between blue and yellow. The statue itself features high amounts of detail to capture the creature perfectly from the game and will please any fan.

The swappable LED eyes are a great addition to a statue like this. One big part of the game is knowing if the creatures can detect you so it's nice that Prime 1 Studio was able to capture that. The detail on this piece is really something else as you can see even the smallest machine parts. Ultimate Premium Masterline Horizon Zero Dawn Stalker will be priced at $1,199. The Stalker goes on the hunt once again between September and December 2021 and pre-orders are already live and located here. Don't forget to check out the Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy with Shield Weaver Outfit companion statue. These two statues together will really enhance any gamer's collection and check them out below.

"A killing machine that disappears into thin air. Just what the world needs.""– Aloy. "Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1:4 scale UPMHZD-02 Stalker from Horizon Zero Dawn. The Stalker is one of the toughest and most unique machines that Aloy faces in Guerrilla's award-winning action role playing game, Horizon Zero Dawn. The Stalker is a medium-sized combat-class machine with a unique ability in its bag of tricks: stealth. Unlike other machines in the game which are openly aggressive, the Stalker has the ability to blend in with its environment to make it nearly impossible for any human to defeat."

"The Stalker stands poised to strike. Aloy better watch out! We present the Stalker with an adjustable jaw and swappable LED eyes. Its size, shape, and armor have been designed with extreme attention to detail in conjunction with Guerrilla, to create the most accurate video game portrayal ever.

It can be displayed with the UPMHZD-01 Aloy Shield Weaver Armor Set companion piece to recreate the epic combat engagement from the video game."


  • Adjustable Jaw position
  • One (1) designed theme base
  • One (1) swappable Blue LED Eyes
  • One (1) swappable Yellow LED Eyes

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