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Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Jumps Into Fortnite
Score another crossover for Epic Games as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will be diving into Fortnite as its latest character Starting on April 15th, several items from the game will be added to the shop along with the Aloy Outfit She comes equipped with her Blaze Canister Back Bling, Spear Pickaxe, Glinthawk Glider, Shield-Weaver[...]
Horizon Zero Dawn Stalker Stands Its Ground With Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studios recently announced there exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy statue Well, there is also a companion piece for her as the Stalker has her in his sights These fast beasts are one of the harder enemies to take down in the PlayStation exclusive game Prime 1 Studios brings the Stalker to life with[...]
Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Is on the Hunt With Prime 1 Studio
Th hit PlayStation exclusive game, Horizon Zero Dawn is back as Prime 1 Studio has announced a new statue featuring the heroine Aloy This new exclusive statue is a 1:4 scale and clocks in at roughly 28.78 inches tall She is wearing her rare Shield Weaver Armor Set as the statues shows it off with[...]
Aloy From 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Is Added To 'Monster Hunter: World'
In what we're sure was a shocking moment during the Monster Hunter: World trailer at Paris Games Week, we got to see Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn join the cast of hunters for Capcom's upcoming title How much you can use her character and what aspect of the game she plays is still unknown, but considering[...]
The Importance Of Aloy
Gender in general seems to be a non-issue in Horizon, almost as if they have evolved past this argument. There are other refreshing things to like: Not having to avenge the loss of your lover. Many areas are ruled by strong women. Enemies are not threatening to rape you. Armor that is actual armor and not a bathing suit. Aloy is a[...]