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Life Finds A Way As RSVLTS Unveils New Jurassic Park Collection 

Life finds a way as the legacy of the 1993 film Jurassic Park returns to the hit clothing company RSVLTS. This is the second wave of Jurassic Park apparel to arrive for the film, and fans better hold onto their butts. This collection will include five brand new designs capturing some iconic characters and moments from the film. To top it off, companion matching hybrid shorts will be included for two of the designs, which are perfect for style or running away from dinosaurs. Dennis Nedry does get some highlighted pieces as well as some love for the dinosaurs and the park. Collection 2 of RSVTS Jurassic Park Button-Down Tee collection will consist of:

  • Nobody Cares
    • A floral shirt design featuring Dennis Nedry's shirt and will have a pair of matching hybrid shorts with a hidden Dilphosaurus.
  • Fossil Records
    • A unique jungle themed design that shows plenty of dinosaur bones and features some matching hybrid shorts.
  • The Nedry Code
    • Hacking never looked so good with Dennis Nedry's computer screen. Ah Ah Ah You Didn't Say the Magic Word
  • Tiki Finds A Way
    • Jurassic Park elements recreated with a fun tiki design
  • Six Foot Turkey
    • RSVLTS has recreated the kids shirt from the beginning of Jurassic Park who talks down about the Velociraptor to Alan Grant

RSVLTS has easily dominated the clothing world with its impressive line of Pop Culture tees that cover a massive assortment of franchises. We have seen a lot of collections with Star Wars, Spider-Man, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon, and so much more. Each tee is not only loaded with color but has a fantastic design that captures key moments that fans will love. Jurassic World: Dominion is just around the corner, and these Jurassic Park button-downs will be perfect for the premiere. The Tiki Finds A Way and the Nobody Cares design are my favorites in the collection, and I can just hear iconic quotes like "Welcome to Jurassic Park" or "Dodson, we got Dodson here" when looking at them. This entire collection is set to go up for order right here on the RSVLT site at 4PM EST. Stay tuned for more reveals over the summer to really spice up your wardrobe. 

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