Behold the Power of Mattel's MOTU: Revelation SDCC Scareglow

Masters of the Universe is back n the spotlight once again as Kevin Smith's newest continuation cartoon hits Netflix. Masters Of The Universe: Revelation has been an absolute joy to watch as it mixes up the usual stories from the 1980s. Mattel continues to show love for their legendary toy franchise with their new 7" Masterverse figure collection. The first wave of figures has already hit shelves giving us Revelation depictions of He-Man, Skeletor, Moss Man, Evil-Lyn, Skelegod, and Battlecat. To help celebrate the show and San Diego Comic Con 2021, Mattel released a limited-edition Scare Glow as part of their Masterverse line. Mattel was kind enough to send us one of these to check to, and this is a must-have collectible for any MOTU fan!

Kicking things off first, we take a look at the box that holds the actual collectible, with this box showing s gem sweet Scare Glow art. Inside the box reveals the real Masterverse packing with a nice slipcover package that is filled with dark magic power. The Scare Glow SDCC box does feature some LED effects with flashing white and UV lights that help Scare Glow show off that nice glow-in-the-dark deco with his head and sword glowing.

The cave box is a very nice touch as it adds to that dark essence of Skeletor and his evil army and Scare Glows figure. As an in-box collector, this figure will easily be a centerpiece to my Masters Of The Universe: Revelation figure collection. I would love for Mattel to release the entire wave of figures from this line in packages just like this. Throw in some extra accessories and weapons, and these special edition figures would really make this line kick-off to new heights. Scare Glow is a perfect character for Mattel to release for SDCC, and it is no wonder why this figure sold out.

The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Masterverse line is just starting, and it is already full of potential. With a bigger size, a lot more articulation, and high amounts of detail, these Masterverse figures are the next step for He-Man and the gang. Collectors will want to summon the Power of Grayskull to acquire this figure for their collection as it might give them the push they need for the entire 7" line. While this figure might have sold out, fans can check out all of the official details for him here and they can find the entire wave of new Masterverse figures here.

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