Mattel Debuts New Jurassic World Dominion Matchbox Collectibles

Mattel is getting ready for Jurassic World: Dominion with a great set of collectibles for the prehistoric event. We have already seen some mighty dinosaur figures heading our way and now were are getting some Matchbox series vehicle. A nice variety of Matchbox products will be heading our way with each getting their own dino companion to haul and transport. Up first is the Jurassic World Transporters that are priced at $7.99 with InGen vehicles ready to capture dino with a Stegosaurs, T-Rex, or the new Giganotosaurus.

Things then get a little more dangerous and more expensive with the Jurassic World R/C Jeep Gladiator and Capture 'N Crush Truck. The Capture Truck seems to be for some of the bigger Mattel dinosaur figures out there with push-along wheels. The $29.99 vehicle will also have some nice dino fight features with a tranquilizer blaster, overhead crane, and large bed for transport. The Jeep Gladiator on the hand, comes in at $34.99, with an R/C Jeep that comes with a companion dino that looks like it can hold 3.75" figures which is perfect for the upcoming Hammond collection. Each of these Jurassic World: Dominion vehicle sets are set to release in Spring 2022, and while pre-orders are not live just yet, all Mattel collectibles can be found here, and keep your eye out for them hitting shelves soon.

"Matchbox® R/C Jurassic World Jeep Gladiator (GYD27)- SRP: $34.99| 6Y+ | Available Spring 2022

  • This cool Matchbox toy brings the excitement of Jurassic World to life for kids, collectors and fans of the films and series."

"Matchbox® Jurassic World Dino Transporters (FMY31) – SRP: $7.99| 3Y+ | Available Spring 2022

  • Inspired by the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise, each Matchbox™ Dino Transporter vehicle comes with 1-2 mini dinosaurs to haul and transport."
Mattel Debuts New Jurassic World Dominion Matchbox Collectibles
Credit: Mattel

"Jurassic World™ Capture 'N Crush Truck (GWD66) – SRP: $29.99 | 4Y+ | Available: Spring 2022

  • Get ready for thrilling action and adventure inspired by the upcoming film, Jurassic World Dominion!
  • This larger-scale vehicle is geared to go and out to capture dinosaurs on the loose!
  • Vehicle features rolling wheels for push-along play, a blaster to shoot dinosaurs with a tranquilizer dart, an overhead crane with capture claw to lift the dinosaur figures, and a large bed for dinosaur transport.
  • Breakaway parts allow crushing action when the dinosaur figures fight back!"

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