McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse – Flashpoint, Red Hood, Teen Titans

More DC Multiverse figures have been announced from McFarlane Toys. We recently got a reveal of a new wave featuring a Build-A-Figure of Batman The Merciless. That wave seems to be all for the DC Comics storyline Dark Nights Metal. This time more figures are not only expanding the Batman roster but the DC Universe roster. Even though these are all just teasers, all of the characters are expected to release in Fall 2020. First up is Batman and Deathstroke from the hit video game Batman: Arkham Knight. Deathstroke is a worthy addition to any DC figure line and is packed with death and badass all around. McFarlane Toys then announced two 2-Pack figure sets with the first featuring the Flash and Red Death. This will mark the first Flash to be released in the series, and Red Death is a must have for the Dark Nights Metal line. Red Hood and Nightwing will be the second McFarlane Toys pack. Both figures are packed with there retrospective red elements and that Red Hood is captivating.

The last reveal McFarlane Toys did was four more figures with some surprising additions. First up is two figures from DC Rebirth with the Flash and the Joker making an appearance. The Joker is a different sculpt from the Arkham Asylum version and will be a great figure fro this series. Azreal in Batman Armor from Batman: Curse of the White Knight will also be coming. Which will be a must-have for fans of the comic or just batsuits. Last but not least is the most interesting of the lot with Teen Titans Cyborg. This animated Cyborg is just what the series needed, and it shows that they are expanding the DC multiverse in the right ways. I hope this means we can expect a return of the other Teen Titans members in the future. Pre-orders are not live yet, but collectors can find other McFarlane Toys figures here.

"We're releasing 2 multipacks! Coming out this fall is Nightwing vs. Red Hood and Batman Earth -52 vs. The Flash. Keep your eyes open – another wave is coming out Fall 2020. Look out for Cyborg from the Teen Titans animated series, The Flash and The Joker based on the DC Rebirth comic books, and Azrael in Batman Armor figure based on the hit comic book series, BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT

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