Mister Handy Is Here to Assist You with New Fallout Figure 

Mister Handy has arrived and all Fallout Fans can rejoice! Fallout 76 is the most current addition to the Fallout family. The open-world MMO RPG has created some creative discussions about the game. One thing we can all agree though is no matter what Fallout you play you can get involved in an amazing world of the apocalypse. Gaming Heads is giving us a super badass Mister Handy figure. For starters, he has over 40 points of articulation. He is also decked out with LEDs for the lights of the booster. Mister Handy also has sound effects and voice effects to fill out all your Fallout needs. This is a very unique figure to come out, not only am I impressed with the articulation but the sound effects are what really bring it home. We don't see a lot of figures out there incorporating the true world that the figure comes from. I hope we can start to see more figures like Mister Handy here to come out. 

Mister Handy is robbing us here with him being priced at $149.99. However, it does seems like it is on the dot with all of his features that are included. He is set for a Winter release of this year 2019 so the wait for you get to your hands on him are just around the corner. Preorders for Mister Handy are already available and live and located here

How may I serve you?

From Fallout 76, Mister Handy gets a deluxe figure with over 40 points of articulation and authentic in-game sounds & speech. Standing 12 inches tall, Mister Handy features a glowing LED exhaust flame and motorized head rotation.

Product Features

  • 12 inches (30.48cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • 40 Points of articulation
  • Sound activated head rotation
  • Sound activated playback of 18 random soundtracks from the game
  • Illuminated exhaust flame
  • Working apertures on eyes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Charges via USB

$149.99 4th quarter 2019

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