Mondo Reveals X-Men: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Jubilee Figure

New X-Men adventures await collectors as Mondo has unveiled a new 1/6 scale figure of their growing collection with the debut of Jubilee.

The newest X-Men: The Animated Series figure has arrived at Monod with the debut of Jubilee. That iconic 90s cartoon was so popular that Marvel Comic introduced characters from it into the actual comic book universe. One of which was the mutant Jubilee, and now she is joining Mondo's popular and pricey 1/6 scale action figure line. Standing at 9.25″ tall, Jubilee will join Wolverine and the other X-Men on new missions in glorious cel-shaded glory, with not one but two versions being offered. The standard version features four swappable head sculpts, a variety of hands, some mutant firework power effects, and some fair food. As for the deluxe, X-Men fans will get six different heads, fireworks pieces, fair food, a skateboard, and kneepads. Both figures are beautifully crafted, packed with accessories, color, and will be a figure that X-Men fans will not want to miss. New mutant adventures await with Mondo, and Jubilee is set for a June 2023 release for $195 and $205 right here. 

"Not Scared, Either! No Way, Nohow!" – X-Men's Jubilee

X-Men: The Animated Series – Jubilee 1/6 Scale Figure Limited Edition. We entered the world of MARVEL'S X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES with Jubilee, hand in explosive hand. Now, the newest member of the X-Men is also the third in our line of X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1/6 scale figures. With her signature yellow trench and pink armor, Wolverine's mall babe sidekick is ready to unlock her plasma powers. This Limited Edition is also prepared for boarding with extra gear and portraits, including her look from "Jubilee's Fairytale Theater."

Product includes

  • Neutral Portrait
  • Smiling Portrait
  • Bubblegum Portrait
  • Sunglasses Portrait
  • 3 Pairs of hands, including 2 fists, 2 dazzler hands, 2 neutral hands, 1 spark finger
  • x2 Fireworks Blast
  • x2 "The works" fireworks accessories
  • Chill fries
  • Slur-P Soda cup
  • Figure Stand

Limited Edition Exclusive Accessories

  • Fairytale Theater Portrait
  • Skater Helmet Portrait
  • Skateboard
  • Knee Pads

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