My Hero Academia Holiday Guide is Plus Ultra

My Hero Academia is back and better than ever with a great new season and a great new villain. Anime and manga are quite popular inside a lot of communities and it's no surprise that we are making a holiday guide about it. More specifically we are taking a look at My Hero Academia and some of the best collectibles we think would make perfect gifts for those friends and loved ones.

Coming first on our list is on the cheap collectible end and we're talking about Funko Pops. I think about Funko is that they've made so many out there that there is always something you can give someone they will appreciate it. Fucker has released a new wave of My Hero Academia Funko's giving us some underdog characters like Red Riot and Creati. Some other highlights from the series are a full costumed Deku, Silver Age All Might and even All Might as a teacher. We have done reviews on all these characters and you can find them located here. If you're trying to find something a little more unique there are some exclusives like Tomura and Miro who got specific web exclusives and I had to do was click their name to find their link. All the rest are commons and you can find them located here don't forget to check out some of the other My Hero Academia Funko Pops that have already been released in the past.

Moving forward we are in a take a look at the newest McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia action figures. They have a great variety of figures like Bakugo and a super-powered Deku. There are even a Tomura and a Silver Aged All Might figure too that I highly recommend. Whether you're an out-of-the-box collector or an inbox collector they are collectibles figures that are perfect for any fan of the series. These My Hero Academia figures won't really break the bank either so snag one up for your friend or schoolmate. The Tomura Shigaraki is currently my favorite figure, I love the design and the idea of his character is great and I just love saying his name. You can find all the McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia action figures available online and located here.

Last but not least was to take a look at a couple of My Hero Academia statues. There are plenty of statues out there for My Hero but these ones are currently the best ones. Not only are they very detailed but reasonably cheap around a minimum of $25. With the stats that your main looking at a lot of the main characters like Bakugo, Deku, and Todoroki. With them being so popular I don't think you have a problem with picking a wrong one. These statues from Banpresto are available here and there are variations between them take a look at figure out what you want and order up.

My Hero Academia is only getting more popular as the season goes on and is the perfect gift that you could snag up for your friends or hell add them to your own holiday list. Stay classy, stay collectors, Plus Ultra.

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