NECA's New Ghost Face Ultimate Figure Is A Scream Fans Dream

NECA continues to impress. Their 2020 had to have been one of their most impressive years to date, with their TMNT, Back to the Future, and horror lines thriving. They had one of the best showings at New York Toy Fair last winter, and one of the most talked-about figures was not even on display. When they announced that a Ghost Face from Scream was coming to their Ultimate horror line, just a placard was enough to send collectors into a frenzy. After a long wait, the figure is now hitting stores. NECA was kind enough to send us over one of them to show you, so let's take a look and see why Ghost Face is a worthy addition to your horror shelf.

NECA Slays It Yet Again

As always, the packaging is top-notch. Whoever decided to keep the front of the box as just the mask is a genius. Maybe one of the best box fronts NECA has ever done. From there, it is pretty standard stuff for this line: fig photography on the back, window box showing everything. MOC collectors know what to expect at this point.

Once freed from his prison, Ghost Face impresses. Right off the bat, I will say that my sample has a problem keeping the right hand pegged into the arm. His cloth robe constantly gets in the way, but the peg hole is actually cut too big. frustrating, but I am sure that this is just mine. Others I know that have this figure do not have that problem, and rarely do my NECA figures have QC issues like this. Made taking these pics fun, though. The cloth robe works really well. Molded plastic would have been a huge mistake. The flowing costume is part of the character, same as the mask is. Speaking of the mask, It looks perfect, and the different versions on the head sculpts are great. The regular iconic one is my favorite, but I love the glow one more than I thought I would.

As far as accessories are concerned, multiple knives are included, although I wish one without blood was here. The scythe that is included baffled me at first. While a really cool piece, I had no clue why it was included here. Our own Aedan Juvet assures me that Ghost Face used one in the Scream television show I never watched, so cool of NECA to include that as a nod here.

Overall this figure could not be better. I wish mine didn't have that hand issue, but what are you going to do. Ghost Face is available in stores and online right now.

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