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Don’t Answer the Phone for Mezco Toyz New MDS Ghost Face Doll 
Just in time for his newest film Scream 6, Ghost Face, is back and ready to slay the day once again This figure comes in at 15" tall and will have a total of 11 points of articulation His signature cloak is included, along with a hunting knife that fits in his right hand and[...]
Ghost Face Slays the Day with New Scream Statue from PCS Collectibles
The slasher known as Ghost Face is back as PCS reveals a brand new and deluxe Scream statue Scream just got a brand new film in theaters this past weekend with Scream 6 and it is getting some excellent reviews This slasher has easily flipped the horror franchise on its head by adding more than[...]
Ghost Face Slays Again with New Scream Statue from PCS Collectibles 
Out of all the horror icons out there, Ghost Face was one that really stood out The whole Scream franchise flipped the horror game on its head by changing the rules Ghost Face is a killer that knows the rules and how to make his own, making him a truly deadly serial killer out there[...]
NECA's New Ghost Face Ultimate Figure Is A Scream Fans Dream
When they announced that a Ghost Face from Scream was coming to their Ultimate horror line, just a placard was enough to send collectors into a frenzy After a long wait, the figure is now hitting stores NECA was kind enough to send us over one of them to show you, so let's take a[...]
Ghost Face Is Ready for a Bloody Good Time With Mezco Toyz
The killer Ghost Face is ready to slice, and dice as Mezco Toyz announced their newest Roto Plush Standing roughly 18" tall, the Scream killer is back and ready to kick it with you at home with his newest doll The doll captures that eerie look of the killer from his iconic mask to the[...]
Ghost Face is Ready To Cut a Fool with Mezco Toyz LDD
I hope you know your horror movie rules as Ghost Face is back and ready to test your knowledge This time Mezco Toyz is bringing this masked killer back to life with his very own Living Dead Doll figure This 10" doll has 5 points of articulations, features his iconic rob, and even crew with[...]
Dead By Daylight Celebrates Third Anniversary With Ghost Face Killer
Those of you who adore the Scream movies will be happy to know that the Ghost Face killer has officially been added to Dead By Daylight today You can read more about his powers and abilities that were refined int he test servers here, but as far as playing as the character, you can jump[...]
Dead By Daylight Celebrates Third Anniversary With Ghost Face Killer
The schedule will include a Year Four panel, a live design panel, a community panel, and a Chapter 12 panel which will go into detail about the next killer, Ghost Face. credit//Behaviour Interactive If you happen to be under the age of 25, you might not know who Ghost Face is This is the primary killer from[...]