Let's Take a Look at NECA's Captain Blake Figure From The Fog

The Fog is one of the more underrated horror films of all-time. It has always been one of my personal favorites, and next to Halloween is my favorite John Carpenter film. So it was with great excitement that I added the new NECA Captain Blake figure to my collection. I love what they have been doing with their Ultimate horror line of slashers, so when this was announced I could not click the order button fast enough.

Form a packaging standpoint, this is a MOC collectors dream. Awesome Fog key art in the background and the captain himself in a lovely full window. The back features a film description and a sweet pic of Blake with his eyes fully lit. If you are not a MOC collector, they do not make it very easy to get into the thing, and while it may be resealable (I have others that were) this one I had to destroy to open.

Once you get him out of his plastic prison, the first thing you are going to do is use that switch on the back of his head to turn on the eyes. I have seen other people complain about the switch being visable, but I say who cares? I would rather be able to access it whenever I want. For me, they did a good enough job working it into the design that it looks great. I don't know many people who display their figures backwards anyway, so I am not sure why people care.

The fabric outfit and sculpt are both top notch. Even with the eyes off, Blake's sunken eye sockets and toothy snarl are a joy to look at. The tattered clothing and buckles everywhere are fun to pour over, i notice something new every time I look the figure over. This looks like he walked right out of The Fog and onto my shelf. I will say that the sheath is a little harder to attach than I would like, and the sword could be made of harder material, but that is nitpicking.

For Carpenter and horror fans, this one is a must-own. They got really creative with this release, and I hope they continue to do so. If The Fog can get figures made, anything can.

You can order one of these for yourself right here.

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