Spider-Gwen Gets Her Very Own Q-Fig Diorama from Quantum Mechanix

The Spider-Verse continues to get bigger as Spider-Gwen (aka Ghost-Spider) arrives. Quantum Mechanix has announced their next Spider-Man Q-Fig diorama statue with Gwen in the lead. This will be the third figure to be released in this series with the first being Miles Morales and Spider-Ham second. This 4" tall statue shows off Spider-Gwen leaping over a rooftop the with the words "Ghost" spelled out with her web. There will also be music notes spaced out over the diorama too. Music is a big part of Marvel Comics Spider-Gwen so it's nice to see that portrayed perfectly with her. The sculpting for this piece is very well done and the pose they had Ghost Spider in very acrobatic and nicely done. Fans of the Spider-Verse will it want to miss out on this statue.

The Q-Fig statue series from Quantum Mechanix is small but packs quite the punch. They are very well designed and show off some of your favorite characters in some great scenes. Spider-Gwen needs more time in the collectibles spotlight and this a nice first start. The Marvel Comics Ghost Spider Q-Fig Diorama is priced at $29.99. Pre-orders are not live just yet but you will be able to find them located here when they are. Don't forget to check out some of the other Quantum Mechanix statues also coming soon to fit your Marvel Comics needs.

"There's a new superhero in New York City, swinging through town and dealing out justice: The mysterious Ghost-Spider is the latest phenomenon in arachnid-powered vigilantism."

"Ghost-Spider is secretly none other than the police chief's daughter, Gwen Stacy. Gwen vaults across rooftops, keeping a watchful eye out for trouble while jammin' to her favorite tunes in our amazing Ghost-Spider Q-Fig Elite Diorama. Whether she's drumming for The Mary Janes or battling the Kingpin, Gwen's love of music is apparent in everything she does and in our incredibly detailed sculpt. You'll literally see the music as Gwen spells out "Ghost" with her web-shooters, her parkour skills captured perfectly with QMx's proprietary Everstone™ polymer. No one can match Gwen's grace or sass, the same way no other collectible could ever capture her Olympic-level acrobatics the way this Q-Fig does."

"Inspired by the Marvel Spider-Verse comic books, the Ghost-Spider Q-Fig Elite Diorama stands approximately 4 inches tall including the display base and webbing. Collect Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Spider-Ham and the rest of our Marvel Spider-Verse Q-Fig Dioramas today!"

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