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QMx Enters the Jungle With New Predator Q-Fig Max Elite Statue
Quantum Mechanix has revealed their newest Q-Fig Max Elite statue with a trip to the iconic and legendary 1987 film, Predator That is right, the Jungle Hunter is back and in adorable QMx Q-Fig format with this might full diorama statue The might hunter lurks in the trees as QMx captures the Predator in an[...]
Avatar The Last Airbender Comes to QMx With Their New Q-Fig
Avatar Aang is back with this beautifully crafted Q-Fig from the hit Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender Standing 9 inches tall, this statue captures the beloved main protagonist from the show and his flying lemur Momo Quantum Mechanic's Avatar The Last Airbender statue shows a dynamic diorama with the air element surround the statue[...]
Big Trouble In Little China Jack Burton Q-Fig Arrives from QMx
Quantum Mechanix is bringing back the hit action film Big Trouble In Little China as they announced their newest Q-FIg Elite figure Truck driver Jack Burton finds himself caught in a chaotic battle in Chinatown with an ancient Chinese Prince This Kurt Russel film is back as the newels Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanic captures the[...]
Darkwing Duck Returns With New Q-Fig From Quantum Mechanix
Things are about to get dangerous as Quantum Mechanix announces their next Disney Q-Fig statue Coming out of the 90s, we return back to the classic animated series Darkwing Duck who is back and ready for action Darkwing is near and dear to my heart, and this statue has beautiful detail, great craftsmanship, and colors[...]
The Rocketeer Blasts Off With New Q-Fig Elite Statue From QMx
Standing roughly 5" high, Cliff Secord is back and ready for action with this highly detailed and dynamic Q-Fig Elite statue Quantum Mechanix captures the detail of The Rocketeer perfectly with their own style of flair that can please many fans He is displayed using his jetpack as he blasts off with an American flag[...]
Quantum Mechanix Q-Figs from Alien, Mortal Kombat, and More Revealed
Quantum Mechanix is not holding back this year as they announce more addition to their widely popular Q-Fig Statue series These statues are small, but they are packed with adorable features that can please many fans, old and new There have been quite a few reveals so far, and starting this off first is two[...]
Toy Story Gets a 25th Anniversary Q-Fig Max Figure
This Toy Story Q-Fig Max collectible marks number 68 in the QMx series The bright colors and beautiful sculpting on each character are very well done and showcase each right off the screen The pose that they have been given is very well done too and a great way to show off these two heroes[...]
Pennywise Q-Fig Walmart Exclusive Preorders Now Live
Walmart is now taking preorders for a black and white Pennywise Q-Fig from QMx The figure is an exclusive, part of the new big push of collectibles on the Walmart website and their Collector Con that went up and running this afternoon The figure features an awesome sculpt of the horror villain, based on his[...]
Spider-Gwen Gets Her Very Own Q-Fig Elite Diorama
Quantum Mechanix has announced their next Spider-Man Q-Fig diorama statue with Gwen in the lead This will be the third figure to be released in this series with the first being Miles Morales and Spider-Ham second This 4" tall statue shows off Spider-Gwen leaping over a rooftop the with the words "Ghost" spelled out with[...]
TMNT Q-Figs Coming From QMx: Leonardo!
TMNT Q-Figs are being revealed by Quantum Mechanix this week, and the first is here! Earlier this week, we told you about them coming, along with the teaser for the figures themselves: TMNT fans will have yet another company making figures to collect, as Quantum Mechanix has announced that they will be revealing new Q-Figs for[...]
The X-Men Are Here to Save the Day with New Q-Fig Figures 
Quantum Mechanix is bringing us four new Q-Fig 4" statues Each one is honestly pretty unique on its own with showing off their mutant powers First, up we get Cyclops showing off his eye blasts Then, we get Storm, the weather Goddess of the Amazon, showing off some electricity We are also getting Rogue, who[...]
Batman’s Sidekicks Team-Up for Adorable Q-Master Statue
It will ship in a specially designed collector's box to perfectly protect the diorama in transit. Make sure to collect all our Batman and DC Q-Figs and display them together! Batman's family have all made names for themselves, they were trained by one of the greats so this makes sense Sideshow and Master Quantum Mechanix are[...]
Captain Marvel Q Fig 2
A new Captain Marvel Q-Fig is coming in April from Quantum Mechanix The figure will stand at 3.50 inches tall and comes posed on a Captain Marvel logo base She is posed in an action pose with her fists energized and an energy burst coming out of her right hand This is one of the[...]
BC Toy Spotting 27
Get it while you can. The Killing Joke Q-Fig of The Joker is also hitting Gamestops. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Finally at Gamestop, the latest wave of Star Wars Black Series figures is hitting hard, including Dengar[...]
Q Fig SDCC Collage
Deadpool, Harry Potter, and Alien Q-Figs are coming exclusively to SDCC Quantum Mechanix will have the three new figures for sale at their booth on the show floor Deadpool will be posed in front of a Maximum Effort background, Harry is riding shotgun with Hagrid on a motorcycle, and a Xenomorph face hugger is offering[...]