Spider-Man Fuses With Ghost Rider for New Sideshow Collectibles Statue

There have been people who have taken up the mantle as Spider-Man throughout the spider-verse. Some of them are their own person like Miles Morales and Miguel O'Hara and others are different versions of Peter Parker. Sideshow Collectibles is bringing one of those many versions of Spider-Man alive with their newest 1:10 scale statue. Spirit Spider is here and ready for some vengeance with this delicious statue. The statue shows off the ghostly white body of Spider-Man with a skeleton chest symbol and skull covered in blue flames. The textures and sculpting on this piece are quite amazing and very sinister. The Spirit Spider is a very simple design but is an amazing version of our iconic webslinger. The Sideshow Collectibles Spirit Spider 1:10 Scale Statue will be priced at $84.99. The statue is set to release between December 2020 and February 2021. Pre-orders are already live and can be found here.

This character is most known for his costume in the PS4 video game, Marvel's Spider-Man. However, that is not his first appearance as he came from the 3 part mini series between Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38, Incredible Hulks #1, and Deadpool Annual #1. The story involved Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Hulk traveling to a new dimension. They each met their alternate counterparts and Earth-11638 Peter Parker still had his Uncle Ben. The uncle and nephew dynamic duo saved this Earth ten times over but there was a secret to his power. The alternate version of Uncle Ben was bringing in alternate universe Spider-Men and draining their power to give to this world Spider-Man. After some stern fists and a harsh talking to from our Peter Parker, he quickly realized what he has done. The confrontation between the two Spiders and alternate Uncle Ben led to the demise of that Earths Peter only to be resurrected from hell as Ghost Spider. He chose to return back to life and pay for the crimes he has committed.

"I remember when they used to scream in terror at the sight of me." "Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Marvel's Spider-Man: Spirit Spider Suit 1:10 Scale Statue, joining the Marvel Armory Collection inspired by the hit video game, Marvel's Spider-Man."

"Faithfully based on the costume's in-game model, the Marvel's Spider-Man: Spirit Spider Suit Statue measures 7.8" tall on a circular black base that evokes the game's scientific interface. This highly detailed Marvel collectible captures Peter Parker's unique ghostly look as though possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. His eerie appearance features a textured white and blue body, two distinct spider symbols on his chest and back, and a skeletal portrait complete with blue translucent flames. Ethereal energy practically ripples from the Spirit Spider Suit as our hero stands, fists clenched in a battle-ready pose."

"The Marvel's Spider-Man: Spirit Spider Suit Statue joins the Marvel Armory Collection alongside the Marvel's Spider-Man: Advanced Suit 1:10 Scale Statue. Assemble a roster of Peter Parker's unlockable costumes with this exciting collectible offering for Marvel fans and gamers alike! Upgrade your armory and web up the Marvel's Spider-Man: Spirit Spider Suit 1:10 Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles today."

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