Add Some Star Wars To Your Holiday Display With New Black Series Figs

Star Wars and the holidays go together like candy canes and coffee (trust me). There is a long history of holiday pieces that one can add to a Star Wars display, from ornaments to LEGO minifigures and everything else you can think of. One thing, however, we have never really gotten was figures from Kenner or Hasbro. That changes this year, as Hasbro has released a new wave of holiday-themed stormtroopers. Five are available, all exclusive to a different retailer. That makes them hard to collect, but they are out there. We got our hands on all five Star Wars holiday troopers, so let's take a look at these fun, unique figures that you will be kicking yourself if you don't get.

Star Wars Holiday Troopers Are Must-Haves For Figure Collectors

When these were first revealed by Hasbro a couple of months ago, fans and collectors trashed them. Weird colors, ugly sweater armor, and the box really turned some people off. Not me, I saw what they were going for instantly, and they nailed it. I love that the box has a gift tag in aurebesh. I love how it looks like wrapping paper. I love the warm feeling these Star Wars figures give me when I see them. Such a unique look, especially if you keep them MOC.

Out of the box, they are even better. Each trooper spans the different eras of Star Wars, and each features a unique deco to make it holiday-themed. Ugly sweaters featuring the Death Star, striped sock leg armor, and candy cane themed weapons. Each also comes with a different holiday critter: porgs dressed in scarfs, porgs as snowmen, Babu Frick as an elf, and D-O as Rudolf are awesome. D-O is the best, but unfortunately, it is impossible to have him stand without leaning on something. Of all the troopers, the range trooper dressed as Santa is by far the best. I love the snow on the boots as well.

Add Some Star Wars To Your Holiday Display With New Black Series Figs
Holiday Black Series

These are just so much fun. I know Star Wars collectors are weirded out by these for some reason, but I am here to tell you that these are not just great for a holiday display, but just great figures in general. Five retailers have one figure each: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Gamestop. All are available online or in-store right now.

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