Storm Collectibles Unleashes the Fury of Mortal Kombat's Nightwolf

A new warrior has entered the tournament as Storm Collectibles Unleashes the fury of Nightwolf for their Mortal Kombat figure collection 

Storm Collectibles is back and ready to enter the deadly Mortal Kombat once again with a brand new release. Making his video game debut in Mortal Kombat 3, Nightwolf has been a fan-favorite figure ever since. He is an archetypal Native American hero, historian, and even a shaman that has fiercely fought off the forces of evil over and over. This iconic Native American fighter is back as Storm Collectibles brings him to their popular 1/12 scale Mortal Kombat figure line. He is packed with detail from his early appearance in the games and comes with a nice set of accessories.

Mortal Kombat fans will get three different head sculpts along with fans to show off standard, angry, and screaming expressions. On top of that, Nightwolf will come with his axe, lightning effect, spirit arrow special move, and five pairs of hands. Nightwolf is ready to take save the mortal realm once again, and he is priced at $89 with a Q3 2023 release. Pre-orders can find him right here as well as soon on Big Bad Toy Store here, the exclusive US retailer for Storm Collectibles.

Nightwolf Brings the Pain to Storm Collectibles

"NIGHTWOLF is one of few Earthrealm mortals with a strong connection to the spirit world. A powerful Native American shaman, he is guided by the empyrean forces and communes with divine beings such as Haokah, known to the East as Raiden. Nightwolf's devotion allows the Spirits to work through him, granting him unnatural long life and ethereal weapons to kombat the darkness that threatens mortalkind. In the coming crisis, however, it is not Nightwolf's arsenal that will alter fate. His faith in the Spirits will inspire those who have lost hope."


3 x Interchangeable Head Sculpt
1 x Axe
1 x Spirit Arrow
1 x Lighting
5 x Pair of Hands

Release Date: Q3 2023

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