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Comic Con Special Edition 2021 - Storm Collectibles Booth Exclusives
One of those companies is Storm Collectibles who will not only be revealing new figures but will be bringing some SOLD OUT figures from some of their popular figure lines This will consist of: Event Exclusive Figures available in limited quantities for purchase include: Street Fighter IV – Evil Ryu; Mortal Kombat – Kung Lao; Golden Axe – Death[...]
Storm Collectibles Reveals NYCC Exclusive Street Fighter Evil Ryu
Storm Collectibles has revealed the newest figure from their widely popular Street Fighter action figure line with the return of Evil Ryu After succumbing to the power of the Satsui no Hadou, Ryu is now more deadly than ever before, making him a deadly addition to any Street Fighter roster Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V[...]
Reptile Enters the Mortal Kombat with New Storm Collectibles Figure
A new kombatant is about to enter the Mortal Combat once again as Storm Collectibles reveals their newest figure Reptile has arrived to slay the competition with a classic and modern design that fans can appreciate This green ninja has arrived with his original costume similar to Sub-Zero and Scorpion from back in the day[...]
Golden Axe III Dead Frame Come To Life With Storm Collectibles
The magic of Damned Hellstrike resurrects the dead once again as Storm Collectibles reveals their next 1/12 scale figure From the Golden Axe franchise comes a new set of figures that will give your hero a run for his money and yours The Dead Frame is back and loaded with undead detail and a great[...]
Build Your Storm Collectibles Tekken 7 Roster With King
Storm Collectibles continues to excel with bringing iconic video game fighters to life as they reveal their newest from the Tekken franchise Coming out of Tekken 7 is the one and only masked professional wrestler known as King This beloved fighter features his iconic Jaguar mask as well as a finely tailored fabric cape The[...]
Mortal Kombat Kintaro Pre-Orders Arrive from Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has unveiled their newest Mortal Kombat 1/12 scale figure from their incredible line of fighters Another member of the Shokan race is here as Kintaro joins Goro and Sheeva alongside Shao Kahn as his personal bodyguard This deadly monster is ready to turn your Mortal Kombat collection red with this massive and highly[...]
Golden Axe Receives 2021 Event Exclusive Storm Collectibles Figures
Storm Collectibles is preparing for Comic Con @ Home as they start to reveal their 2021 Summer Convention exclusives This year is heavily dedicated to the widely popular SEGA side scroller game Golden Axe Storm Collectibles has slowly been bringing this legendary 2D game into this 3D world with a nice assortment of figures Gold[...]
Street Fighter Zangief Fights for Russia With Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has unveiled their newest figure from the hit fighting game Street Fighter This figure comes from Ultra Street Fighter II, and Zangief is here to put the name Red Cyclone back on the top of the leaderboards This fighter is in peak physical shape, and Storm Collectibles captures all of his muscles, curves,[...]
Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu Brings the Pain to Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles keeps the fight alive as they unveil their newest Street Fighter IV figure This time things get a little dark as an alternate form of Ryu has been unleashed once again with Evil Ryu Consumed by hate, madness, and the complete and utter use to win by any means necessary, this Evil Ryu[...]
Mortal Kombat Kung Lao Enters the Arena With Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles is ready for more bloodshed as they announce their newest fighter from the hit video game Mortal Kombat Kung Lao is ready to protect the Earthrealm and stop anyone that gets in his path with this highly detailed and articulated figure Like most Mortal Kombat Storm Collectibles figures, this one is packed with[...]
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ares Arrives at Storm Collectibles
Ares is ready to take on the gauntlet of heroes and villains with his newest figure from Storm Collectibles The intense figure is packed with high-quality detail and articulation that will please any DC Comics fans Ares will have a fabric cape, four pairs of interchangeable hands, and three different head sculpts The God of[...]
Golden Axe Death Adder Gets Boss Level Figure from Storm Collectibles
This mighty antagonize is back once again and is ready to conquer the world with his brand new figure from Storm Collectibles Standing roughly 10 inches tall, the Golden Axe Death Adder is packed with high amounts of detail as he is brought to life right out of the digital world The action figure features[...]
Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero is Unmasked with Storm Collectibles
Sub-Zero is entering the arena once again as Storm Collectibles announces a new figure for their growing Mortal Kombat line Coming out of the classic fighting video game Mortal Kombat 3, Sub-Zero is getting a brand-new figure that features his unmasked portrait This ice powered ninja is packed with detail and comes loaded with some[...]
Street Fighter V E. Hondo Wants to Fight with Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has announced a new fighter is joining their Street Fighter figure line Coming from Street Fighter V Champion Edition is the star of the sumo world E Honda This popular sumo wrestler is ready to enter the ring and show the world what he has The Street Fighter character is packed with detail[...]
Tekken 7 Jin Kazama Unleashes the Devil with Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has put up pre-orders for their newest fighter from the hit video game Tekken 7 The devil himself Jin Kazama has arrived and is ready to find a cure for his curse by any means necessary This figure is highly detailed, fully articulated, and packed with interchangeable pieces Tekken 7 Jin Kazama will[...]