"Stranger Things" Funko POP! Wave 3 Robin and Alexei Dial It Up to "Eleven" [PREVIEW]

Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 has come and gone (sadly). The third season had an amazing storyline with great character development and even some new additions. Funko is no stranger to Stranger Things POPS! with the already massive collection that's been released. This time we are getting two more to the series for a Season 3.

First, we are getting our first Robin POP! – now let me clarify that this is the first Robin outside of the 2018 Fundays Exclusive that was a 1,800 LE. This does allow that Funko POP! to stay an exclusive so that is big plus. However, this one includes the board showing Steve how many times he loses. Lastly, we get Alexei, the Russian scientist who loves his Icee (make sure it's cherry. though). This is a great figure to be adding to the Funko POP! Stranger Things series. It's a new character and something different that we don't really see.

I am oddly surprised that we didn't get to see Dustin's girlfriend Susan in this wave. With the fandom of Stranger Things massive, you'd think they would add more to this wave. Susan will eventually get her debut sooner or later – maybe as a New York Comic Con (NYCC) exclusive. I also surprised we didn't get another Steve Harrington – being huge fan favorites, Steve and Dustin have the most Funko POPS! from the Stranger Things series. Until we get updates on a wave 4, I can't wait to add these two to my collection! 

Stranger Things Season 3 Wave 3 Funko POP! are up and ready for preorder here for Robin and Alexei – set for a February 2020 release:

Coming Soon: Funk POP! TV—Stranger Things

Celebrate Season 3 of Stranger Things with POP! Robin Buckley wearing her Scoops Ahoy uniform and POP! Alexei the Russian scientist, the perfect companions for a wild adventure.

Stranger Things Funko Pop Wave 3 Has Arrived with Robin and Alexei

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