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T-Rex Saves the Day in New "Jurassic Park" Prime 1 Studio Statue

The T-Rex scenes were some of my favorite scenes from the original Jurassic Park. The film itself is one of my favorite all-time movies. The introduction of the dinosaurs, as well as the effects, are still amazing if not better then a lot of movies to date. The final scene of the film when our characters are saved by the T-Rex still gives me chills. Prime 1 Studio is letting you own this iconic scene with their newest statue. Yes, 1/8 scale statue showcases the T-Rex versus velociraptors in the rotunda diorama. The statue includes two Velociraptors, one that is attacking, and the other is stationary on the ground. There is also a decorative banner that you can place on The T-Rex to capture that scene correctly. The front of the diorama does have LED illumination on the nameplate with the torches to give off a little extra pizzazz. This statue is remarkably detailed from the base of the crumbling fossils to the claw marks on the T-Rex. This statue is an absolute must for any Jurassic Park fan! 

The T-Rex versus Velociraptors 1/8 scale Rotunda Diorama Statue by Prime 1 Studio is priced at $1,999. If you pre-order it from the Prime 1 Store you get a special bonus T-Rex signboard. This statue is scheduled to release between October 2020 and February 2021. Payment plans are available and are totally worth it to get this remarkable Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex statue.

"Quiet, all of you! They are approaching the tyrannosaur paddock."

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Legacy Museum Collection Jurassic Park (Film) T-REX VS Velociraptors in the Rotunda 1/8 scale Bonus Version

"T-Rex doesn't want to be fed, he wants to hunt."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1/8 Scale LMCJP-07: T-Rex VS Velociraptors in the Rotunda Diorama from Jurassic Park Film.

Tyrannosaurus-Rex is the largest carnivore living on Isla Nublar and, as such, grew into a fearless, bold, and domineering beast who walks the line between heroine and villainess. She is a female Tyrannosaurus, largely motivated by two goals: keep intruders off her territory and eat any pry she finds there. She is known for participating in several incidents and for saving the major human participants involved in these incidents from other dangerous creatures, although inadvertently. This makes her role something of an anti-hero in the films.

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The diorama is based on a famous scene called Tyrannosaurus-Rex Rescue, named after the title of its background music. This scene became an icon of the Jurassic Park franchise. It takes place in Jurassic Park (1993) Film and is the last scene of the movie.

We did our best to capture this epic scene and made it into diorama. The Velociraptor clawing and biting at T-rex's neck, The Big One's corpses lying on the ground, decorative skeleton's parts scattered all over the place all those little details help to make it real. You can even decorate the statue with a banner that falls in front of her in the last scene while she roars as the sign of victory.

This is a must-have piece for all Jurassic Park franchises fans.

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– Size approximately 26 inches tall [H: 64.6cm W: 74.9cm D: 77.4cm Max width: 75.8cm]

– One (1) designed theme base

– LED light-up function on base

– Poseable "When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth" Banner

– T-Rex Signboard (Prime 1 Store Exclusive Bonus Item)

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– Prototype samples shown.

– Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

– Product will be available at Chronicle Collectibles and Iron Studios

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