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Check Out These Jurassic World: Dominion Images
Universal eventually delayed the movie a whole year due to the pandemic-related delays, and the film moved from a 2021 release date to a 2022 release We haven't seen that much about it since then, but now that we're into 2022 and it's looking like we might have some sort of a summer movie season[...]
Oppenheimer: Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon in Talks for Nolan Biopic
Deadline Hollywood previously revealed actress Emily Blunt was also in talks for the Universal film Nolan-favorite Cillian Murphy is set to star as the title character J Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist behind the Manhattan Project that produced the weapon. Robert Downey Jr at the premiere of Disney and Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War' held at the El[...]
Universal Pictures' classic monsters such as Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, Bride of Frankenstein, and more are set to be the focus of an original, animated short-form miniseries titled We Will Be Monsters that sees Universal tag-teaming with Epic Games & its online video game Fortnite to update the popular characters for modern (video game-loving)[...]
Michael Bay's Ambulance: First Trailer, Poster, Images, and Summary
During the Universal presentation at CinemaCon, we got to see the trailer for the new Michael Bay movie called Ambulance The premise is one of those really simple but also kind of ingenious things that just seems tailor-made to Bay's aesthetic On top of that, he managed to get an excellent cast to join him on[...]
Emily Blunt In Talks To Join Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer
so much that his next movie, Oppenheimer, is being made at Universal The irony being that Universal was the first studio to move a theatrical release to streaming during the pandemic, but that's something that doesn't matter, apparently Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Cillian Murphy had joined the cast, and now Deadline is reporting that Emily[...]
Lord of the Rings: Elijah Wood Says Amazon Should Rename TV Series
When does that happen for anyone?" King Kong, which also starred Naomi Watts and Jack Black, was a box office success grossing $556.9 million globally for Universal Connery was originally eyed for Gandalf and turning it down before it went to Ian McKellan Regretting his decision, Connery decided not to pass on 2003's League of[...]
Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer Brings On Cillain Murphy to Star
so much that his next movie, Oppenheimer, is being made at Universal The irony being that Universal was the first studio to move a theatrical release to streaming during the pandemic, but that's something that doesn't matter, apparently Now The Hollywood Reporter has a casting announcement, and Nolan is bringing back one of his mainstays for[...]
MacGruber Star Ryan Phllippe on Surprise Return for Peacock Series
Since the 2010 Universal film adaptation, the primary stars of the film make their return for a sequel series for the NBCU streamer Peacock While promoting his latest comedy Lady of the Manor, I spoke to the actor on his surprise finding out the cult classic is getting a second life. Ryan Phillippe as Dixon Piper[...]
Candyman Review: Beautiful Bloody Fun that Barely Misses the Mark
Credit: Universal Pictures DaCosta presents a beautiful, dark film with brilliant cinematography drowning in almost as much social commentary as the gallons of blood spilled, which is very much my shit But the film trades in the franchise's basic conceit of who and what the Candyman is to be instead a much more straightforward slasher, mixed[...]
Waterworld TV Show Is IN The Works, Continues Story From Movie
The series is set up at Universal Television, so that would point to Peacock being the frontrunner for where this would end up The series would pick-up 20 years in the future after the end of the film, and pushed a bit on who could be back, Davis said "20 years later All those people,[...]
The Exorcist Original Star Linda Blair “No Reboot Talks” With Her Yet
When it was announced that Universal, Peacock, Blumhouse, and Morgan Creek will collaborate for a reboot of The Exorcist, forming a new trilogy with David Gordon Green directing the project on July 26, it was certainly a pleasant surprise Not necessarily because of the prospect of it happening or the fact that Green helped revitalized[...]
Exorcist Director William Friedkin Doc Leap Of Faith Goes To Shudder
Universal, Blumhouse, and Peacock have closed a deal worth an estimated $400+ million for a new trilogy of films set in the universe of the classic horror film David Gordon Green will direct the trilogy, which will star Leslie Odom Jr., according to The New York Times Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn will reprise her role as Chris[...]
Betty Gilpin GLOW
While promoting her latest film The Tomorrow War for Amazon Prime Video, the star spoke with Collider about how two of her biggest profile work in Netflix's GLOW, which was canceled after three seasons, and Universal's The Hunt, which only had a 10-day release before lockdown prematurely ended its theatrical run Both were cut short[...]