Star Wars The Mandalorian Apparel and Accessories Roundup

Mando Mondays have started, and we already got to see a great assortment of collectibles for The Mandalorian. Star Wars fans are very excited for the premiere of Season 2 Friday, October 30. We have already covered so many things for The Mandalorian from new figures with Black Series, Vintage, and even plush and animatronic versions of The Child. This time you wanted to take a look at some of the other great reveals from Mando Monday with t-shirts, jewelry, skateboarding decks, backpacks, and more all coming to prepare fans for the upcoming season. Starting things off first are some amazing shirts from RSVLTS as they revealed three Mandalorian designs. Each shirt is beautifully packed with Detail and features some great designs like the long sleeve the child. With the Mandalorian symbol and different versions of The Child, this elegant shirt will brighten up any occasion you wear it to. They also have the Mando Montage that features a brown shirt design with a nice variety of characters from the show, including the infamous ship the Razor Crest. Finally, and my favorite shirt from the first wave of RSVLTS is called Layers, and it features a Western-style vibe. Capturing that sandy landscape and the unique story of the Mandalorian, this is the shirt you'll want. All of the RSVLTS designer shirts are priced at $65 each, and you can find them located here. They sold out pretty fast in the original wave, but they are expecting to have a restock soon, so make sure you get yours.

RSVLTS Apparel

  • "The Child" – This design speaks for itself. The Child has become a global phenomenon and we wanted to bring the joy of everyone's favorite 50-year-old baby with a simple and classic long sleeve button down shirt.
  • "Mando Montage" – This shirt has it all: the Mandalorian, the Child, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga. This little group is shaping up to be quite the tribe. After all, traveling the galaxy hiding from the Empire ain't easy.
  • "Layers" – The Mandalorian™ features some of the most amazing landscapes we've seen in the Star Wars™ galaxy. We wanted to pay homage to the sandy, western feel of the show, while also embedding our hero within the pattern.

RockLove Jewelry

Things then start to get fashionable for The Mandalorian as RockLove announces some new jewelry. Up first is, of course the child who will be featured in his hover pram. This unique jewelry piece is limited to only 1000 pieces and will be solid sterling silver with a polished pod that has two magnetic doors. The doors can be open to reveal that adorable Child inside on this 24 inch Silver curb chain. Up next, we are getting a unique Beskar Steel slab as the reward for the Child's return in The Mandalorian Season 1. RockLove is bringing the Beskar to fans with a 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel twisted creation. This two-tone necklace features three slabs of Beskar slabs that have the imperial logo on them, and This is the Way on the side. The child is priced at $195, and the Beskar pendant gates are $85 price tag. Fans can sign both of these Mandalorian themed RockLove jewelry here and will go great with those RSVLTS shirts.

"The Child – Limited Edition of 1,000 units, each piece is engraved with a unique series number. Arrives in an exclusive Star Wars™ | RockLove luxury suede snap pouch with contrast stitching and metallic branding. Intricately carved solid sterling silver, a polished Pod hinges open with two magnetic doors to reveal The Child within! The Child is lovingly sculpted in life-like detail, eyes closed, and hand outstretched while using the Force. Antiqued to emphasize the incredible detail, the three-dimensional pendant hangs from a heavy adjustable 24-inch sterling silver curb chain"

"Beskar, also known as Mandalorian steel, is one of the toughest and most legendary metals in the Star Wars galaxy; Damascus steel is one of the toughest and most legendary metals in our own. Using two kinds of stainless steel – 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel – the two metals are layered and then twisted to create a unique undulating pattern. This pattern is then enhanced by chemical etching, which reacts with only one of the two grades of steel to give the metal its signature two-tone finish."

Element Brand

Lastly, we are looking at elements that released a nice chunk of The Mandalorian collaboration gear. Starting at first, they announced three special skateboards, two of which are complete, and the other one is simply the deck. They are feature unique designs from The Mandalorian that will capture any Star Wars or skater fans' eyes. They also announced some special T-shirts that feature big logos of the child, the Mandalorian, or the Mandalorian helmet on the back. There are white, red and black shirts available. They also announced an Element flight jacket that looks quite comfortable and has the Mudhorn logo on the front. Last but not least, there is an Element Mohave backpack that features Mando's helmet in it. All of these items vary in price but will be great additions to your Star Wars and The Mandalorian collection. All of these items can be found located here. The Mando Monday will continue next will with more toys and apparel possibly from these companies, so make sure you check back for more. These are all great wearable items to show off your love for the upcoming season 2 of The Mandalorian. Don't forget to tune in to Disney+ on October 30 to see what all the fuss is about.

"To celebrate the Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian, on Disney+, we are launching a collection of apparel, accessories and hard goods inspired by the series. The global, vibrant collection features artwork capturing the unique and expressive personalities inspired by some of your favorite characters like the Mandalorian and the Child. The collection includes three complete skateboards – featuring designs inspired by Beskar steel, the Child and the Mandalorian – hoodies, long and short sleeve tees featuring art inspired by the series, a bomber "flight" jacket, a "Mohave" backpack and six unique skate decks featuring the vibrant art inspired by the show's characters and iconography. This is the way."

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