Transformers Get Poppin' as Funko Announces New Wave of Retro Pops

The NYCC 2020 Funko reveals might be over but the yearly reveals are continuing on. Funko is seemingly still adding to their new Retro Toys Pop line with classic characters like Mr. Potatohead, the Operation guy, Stretch Armstrong, TMNT, and even some new G.I. Joes. The '80s is mostly where these classic toys derived from and that is exactly where Funko is taking us with a whole wave of Transformers Pop Vinyls! These are not the first set of Transformers Pops we have seen as Optimus and Bumblebee have received Pops for past movie releases. However, these designs show the return of the classic G1 series that will have plenty of fans hyped. There are 8 reveals in this wave with 3 of them being retailer exclusives. From the common wave, fans will be getting Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Megatron, and Soundwave in their classic G1 design. Each of these figures is very well done and while they are just Pop-ified, they show off nice amounts of detail that could even please Transformers fans. That is not all either as three exclusives will be coming out with a Metallic Optimus Prime which will be exclusive to Amazon and can be found here. Soundwave will also be getting the metallic treatment and he is already up for pre-order and can be found here. Lastly, we get a whole new Transformers bot as Autobot Spitfire joins in.

Fans of Pops and Transformers will not want to miss out on these amazing collectibles. They combine two worlds into one and will be great for either fan of the series. The Transformers Funko Pops is set to release in January 2021 and pre-orders are already live and can be found here. There is no date just yet for Spit Fire so stay tuned with Funko as it'll most likely be one of the weekly drops. Are you a fan of these Transformers Funko Pops? What bot would you like to see get Pop-ified next?

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