Transformers Holiday Guide Thats More Than Meets the Eye

It's holiday season and you what that means presents! Everyone should open up a gift at Christmas even if it's a pair of socks but nobody wants them. Collectors want collectibles and this holiday guide is for all of those Transformers fans out there we have picked some of the best Transformers collectibles on the market that are perfect for your Christmas lists.

First up is the stocking stuffers! Everyone loves that sweet little treat before the main event. One of the best stocking stuffers this year is easily Transformers BotBots. Hasbro has done right with these little fellas that are perfect and not only in the price, but detail and size. The best way to describe them would imagine Energon hitting s shopping mall and all the items inside became a Transformer, you name it, pizza, game controllers, pencils, corn dogs, blenders and so much more are all bit size little figures that is only $2.99. There's are massive amounts of BotBots you can collect. They do come in a variety of packs but the best ones are the mystery ones as you never know who you will get. We have seen them in action before with the Hasbro 35th anniversary Transformers box that we reviewed. You can find that review here and Transformers BotBots located here.

Transformers Cyberverse is really picking up the action and a lot of new toys are coming out of the series. This is perfect for those Transformers fans want something animated and perfect for the Transformers collection. We did do a review on Slipstream and Cheetor & Sea Fury which are exclusive to Target and perfect for any fans of the series. You can find those Cyberverse Transformers here and the Cyberverse figures are unique and pretty sweet with a long list of characters. We have included some of our favorites like Prowl and Bumblebee. you can find them all available for order here just in time for Christmas located here.

Finally, one of the best figures you can get for those Transformers fans or on your holiday list this winter would be the War for Cybertron Generations deluxe figures. Two of my personal favorites that we looked at ourselves and reviewed what you can find located in our review were generations class one retro painted Optimus Prime and Megatron figures. Both of these figures were retro painted to memorize the 35th anniversary of Transformers from the cartoon. Optimus Prime and Megatron are exclusive to Walmart and can be available for purchase located here and here or found in stores.

It's time to roll out Transformers fans winter is upon us so it's time to get out there and get your fellow Autobot or Decepticon teammates the perfect gift. This are just some of the few gifts you can get but with Transformers and Hasbro you know you'll be getting something special. My personal recommendation would be the Walmart exclusive Optimus and Megatron figures are only with a highly detailed but they gave us a blast of the past with that retro style paint and these gifts are more than meets the eye.

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