Undertaker Fans Need To Get These Two New Mattel Elite Figures

Tonight at Survivor Series, The Undertaker's storied career comes to a close. 30 years of The Deadman, that is wild to think about. I remember being 6 years old and watching live when he made his debut at Survivor Series 1990, thinking he was an actual dead person. My how our brains work when we are children. Tonight caps off maybe the biggest year The Undertaker has ever had: he had the highest profile match at WrestleMania this year with the Boneyard Match, his documentary series The Last Ride got a ton of acclaim, as have other docs hitting the WWE Network right now, and he can finally just be Mark Calloway in public. Crazy times. To help celebrate, Mattel has two new Walmart exclusive figures in stores right now. We got our hands on them, so let's look at each and see why you should add them to your Undertaker collection.

The Undertaker Elites You Need

These are perfect bookends to his career. The first, part of the new Decade of Domination wave, pays tribute to that Survivor Series 1990 debut, with a fabric jacket, fabric tie, interchangeable hands, and hat. They really nailed to debut look for Undertaker, right down to the red stubble he sported back then. I wish the hat fit a little better on his head, but it still looks great. The other figure is a current look Taker, with a rubber jacket, hat, and interchangeable hands as well. While the detail is great and I love how it looks on the figure, I hate these rubber coats Mattel uses. They completely limit how you can pose the arms, unlike the debut figure.

It is so fun to pose these two next to each other, as each tells the story of where The Undertaker was at that point in his career. The younger one looks more menacing, more lean, more dangerous. The current look Taker looks weathered, wearing the mileage of the last 30 years like a badge of honor. Even the older figure lacks the tattoos of his more modern counterpart.

Mattel Pays Tribute To The Undertaker With Two New Elite Figures
Three Decades of The Deadman

Both of these are perfect reflections of where The Undertaker started and where he is now. both are worthy of addition to your collections, and can be found in Walmart stores exclusively right now.

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