Venom Wants Vengeance With New Sideshow/ PCS Collectibles Statue

The alien symbiote Venom is back as Sideshow/ PCS Collectibles but now the new statue. Coming out of the hit mobile game Marvel Strike Force and the symbiote is ready for some vengeance. This statue is pretty monstrous as it stands 39 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and is 22 inches deep. Venom will come with two different head sculpts, allowing fans in collectors to display him with his tongue out or smiling with his massive rows of teeth. Parts of the symbiote are stretched out all over his body in the design, and he is quite textured. The 1/3 scale statue is fully detailed from head to toe giving Spider-man fans a truly eerie Venom statue.

The Sideshow and PCS collectibles 1/3rd scale Venom statue is priced at $1750. He is expected to ship out between May – July 2021, and pre-orders are already live and can be found located here. Sideshow Collectibles does offer payment plans, so make sure you take advantage of it if need be. This is one massive statue that any Venom fan will want in their growing symbiote collection.

"He's an alien symbiote or, in civilian terms- a parasite." Sideshow and PCS present the Venom 1:3 Scale Statue, inspired by the fan-favorite character's intimidating appearance in the hit mobile game MARVEL Strike Force. The Venom 1:3 Scale Statue measures a monstrous 39" tall, 22" wide, and 27" deep as the terrifying, towering antihero leaps into action directly based on his MARVEL: Gamerverse design. Standing on a swirling symbiote base, Venom is ready to rip into his foes with every weapon at his disposal- tongue, teeth, and tons of claws!"

"The dynamic Venom 1:3 Scale Statue is fully sculpted from head to toe with detailed musculature and black symbiote tendrils snaking off of his body. The statue has white web shooters, eyes, and spider-symbols on his back and chest with three-dimensional depth adding shadows to the gruesome design. The statue includes two portraits; a grinning portrait that shows off his sharp-toothed smile, and an open-mouthed portrait where Venom displays his twisting tongue, eager to devour enemies like the tasty symbiote snacks they are. Recruit a powerful antihero ally to your Marvel collection with the Venom 1:3 Scale Statue by PCS today!"

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