X-Men Nightcrawler Teleports in With New Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Nightcrawler is here to save the day as Sideshow Collectibles reveals their newest Marvel Comics X-Men statue. The Premium Format Figure stands 23" tall, and the show causes the blue elf BAMF-ing into action. Sideshow Collectibles captures the detail of this iconic mutant with him in his classic costume from the comics. He is shown leaping into action from a Sentinel's hand and there will also be an exclusive edition offered with swappable parts. Nightcrawler is ready for some swashbuckling pirate adventures with a pair of swap-out hands with swords. This iconic member of the X-Men is loaded with color, detail and posed in an amazing fun pose that Marvel fans will appreciate. The Marvel Comics Nightcrawler Premium Formate Figure is priced at $595 or $615, depending on which version you choose. Nightcrawler is expected to release in Late 2022, and pre-orders are already live and found here.

"X-Men Nightcrawler Premium Format Figure – Sideshow Exclusive Edition – Sideshow presents the Nightcrawler Premium Format™ Figure, another iconic mutant teleporting his way into your universe of Marvel collectibles. BAMF! The Nightcrawler Premium Format Figure measures 23" tall and 18" wide as Kurt Wagner using his powers to evade a Sentinel hand attempting to crush its impish foe. An explosive trail of purple smoke follows in his wake, adding a burst of color in the battle against this mutant-killing machine. The polyresin Nightcrawler Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted to capture the beloved hero's classic costume and acrobatic physique, inspired by his appearance in Marvel Comics.

"He is dressed in his signature red and black bodysuit with flared shoulders and his unique feet and hands are gloved in white. Nightcrawler's blue complexion is highlighted by piercing yellow eyes, and his pointed blue tail curls behind him mid-leap as he showcases his incredible reflexes. The Exclusive Edition of the Nightcrawler Premium Format Figure features a pair of swap-out hands holding swords, giving you some swashbuckling additional display options. Whether you arm Kurt with one or both individual swords, pay tribute to a fan-favorite era for the blue mutant in your X-Men collection."

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