X-Men's Gambit Suits Up with Hasbro's Latest Marvel Legends Reveal

The Marvel Legends team is back without another impressive reveal for their upcoming X-Men line. Hasbro is continuing to bring the iconic Marvel Comics cover of Uncanny X-Men #275 to life one figure at a time. So far, we have seen Wolverine, Banshee, and Storm will be arriving in their iconic blue and yellow X-Suits. It looks like the Ragin' Canjun is ready for action as Gambit joins the fight. Gambit will feature a brand new updated head sculpt, bow staff, bag, and multiple kinetic effects, including some card throwing action. This figure is pretty incredible, and X-Men and Gambit fans will not want to miss out on this one. 

Next year marks the 60th Anniversary of the X-Men with Marvel Comics, and this is a great release for it. The blue and yellow X-Suits are just iconic, and it is nice that Hasbro is giving fans a team-building wave. We are not waiting to see Psylocke, Forge, and Jubilee finish off the iconic X-Men cover. It is unclear if they will all be getting Retro card backs like the Wolverine or if we will be seeing a standard window-less design. No pre-order information is known yet, but fans can find all things Marvel Legends right here.  Be sure to stay tuned for new Legends news on the 20th of every month and stay tuned for a full reveal, hopefully in the coming weeks.

"Anniversary after anniversary for Marvel Legends fans! To celebrate 20 years of Marvel Legends, here is another epic reveal. Check out this Marvel Legends Series Gambit figure with deco inspired by his appearance on the comic cover issue of Uncanny X-Men #275! As you may have heard, 2023 will be a big year to celebrate the X-Men 60th anniversary, so consider this just a little sneak peek at the uncanny things to come!"

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