2018 Bleeding Cool Readers Awards, It's Time for Your Nominations!

For our third year in a row it's time for us to ask you, our readers, to suggest your nominees for this year's readership awards. With categories spanning the gamut from Comics to Television to Film to Games, we want you to suggest your picks for the best of the best that you discovered this year.

2018 Readers Awards

This time around rather than having to fill out everything, you can vote in whichever sections that you have an interest in. Some people aren't into games but have a lot to say on television, others are comic-readers as well as gamers. Enter a name into each category you like, then click the "submit" button in that section. You can then do the same in another section if you like. We'll be taking nominee suggestions for the next week (until midnight of the 29th). Then we'll tally the nominations and will post up the final ballots of top 5 in each category.

So, you've had opinions all year long about what we've been reviewing and writing about, here's your chance to celebrate your favorites.

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Games programmer by day, geek culture and fandom writer by night. You'll find me writing most often about tv and movies with a healthy side dose of the goings-on around the convention and fandom scene.

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