22 Thoughts About 20 Of Today's Comics – From Buffy To Batgirl, Fight Club To Flash…

Another week, another stack of comic books in the comic bag. so what's worth an extra peek?


Never has a hyena laughed quite so creepily as when it is armed with a bazooka-like bastard weapon, from Elephantmen #66 as we look into the origins of the many varied species…namelessWhile Nameless merges dimensional portals and music together, while being far more Providence than Phonogram.


Let's all talk about We Are Robin, in that it looks utterly unlike what you are expecting We Are Robin to look like. In fact, it looks more like the last issue of The Wicked And The Divine. It's a mess of logos and bright colours spilling out, as if it has been created with kids printing blocks and it looks utterly marvellous. And Batgirl looks rather marvellous in it as well, those yellow Doc Martens never more appropriate than right here. Wonderful.

Grayson-012-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-015 While in Grayson we get a proper reunion of Dick and Barbara where little needs to be said, it has all been said before. This device, used throughout the issue sees Dick reuniting with the rest of the Robins and Batfolk, their common history overwhelmingly present in the initial meet. Like We Are Robin and the previously discussed and spoilered Gotham By Midnight, these are the superhero books doing something very different today. Though with Grayson we seem to be getting the Steve Ditko-intended reveal of the Green Goblin playing out. Luka Netz doesn't google well…

Batgirl-044-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-019While Batgirl becomes the new David Hasselhoff. But as for Dick Grayson?


She's moved on. To a Fox! The cool batbooks are infecting the other titles though…

The Flash (2011-) 044-011Black Canary plays in Central City in Flash….


And, of course, the aforementioned We Are Robin has a message for our current Prime Minister.

IMG_0053Lots of people die in those Secret Wars tie-ins, just before the Secret Wars ends, of course. Deadpool understands in Deadpool Vs Thanos.
Shrinking Man #3Shrinking Man #3 also yearns for death and the path not trodden. One with a small spider on, that you could have trod on….

IMG_0044And Harley Quinn and Power Girl encounter a man with a… varied past.

Of course, Time Lords have a way of cheating death, in Doctor Who: The Four Doctors. They can always turn back the page. remember this series was published to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the show returning… but but of a coincidence for him to show up as well, isn't it?

JCWoM11   A certain Princess in John Carter: Warlord of Mars #11 begs to differ.


The future, ladies and gentlemen. That's what a thousand years of progress brings us in Justice League #3001. Piranha-bear-dinosaurs. Someone go tell Arune Singh at Syfy.

Kanan drops the Last Padawa sub-title. And manages to lose any sense of tact in the process.

Sinestro (2014-) 015-010So, Lobo gets a new look in Sinestro. I'm not sure if yellow really is him. Seriously you try telling Lobo that he's yellow, he'll react worse than Marty McFly.

RSv2-18Red Sonja #18 shows that she'd make a wonderful wife, taking control of the household shopping on a budget, in her own unique fashion.Windblade #7Welcome to philosophy at the barrel of a gun. Several guns. Windblade #7 teaches us the value of the belief, "I think therefore I arm." Okay, I've got to put tat on a T-shirt and sell it in the more intellectual pockets of America…
Casey & April #4
I never forget my place! Hopefully enough of you still remain amused.. Casey & April #4 keeps me grounded.
Donald Duck #5
What more could a duck want in life than your relatives off yor back, and engaging in auto-erotic asphyxiation? Donald Duck #5 has is all…
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 019-005

So how did Bruce Banner get away with it? Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #19's Giles has growing pains of embarassment…IMG_0009And… Cameron Stewart spills his reference for Fight Club 2 #5 all over the pages while he was scanning them…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Hosting a drawing class with Jessica Martin this Friday.


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