The Orville All the World is Birthday Cake: A Powerful Lesson in Xenophobia [SPOILER REVIEW]

'The Orville' "All the World is Birthday Cake": A Powerful Lesson in Xenophobia [SPOILER REVIEW]

Talla appears to be more resolute and no-nonsense than her predecessor--thankfully Seth MacFarlane knows better than to just give her Alara's traits.Things started cordial enough with the Regorians until Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) reveals her and Bortus' (Peter Macon) birthday is nearing In response, the Prefect (John Rubinstein) declares them “Gilliacs” and imprisons them, banishing the rest[...]

Grayson Gets A Superspy Omnibus In October

Grayson Gets A "Superspy" Omnibus In October

In October 2017, DC Comics collects the Grayson run from Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin that gave us scenes like this.And this.And this.The Grayson: The Superspy Omnibus is out on 24th October for $99.99 With Dick Grayson, exposed as Nightwing, believed dead, and operating as Agent 37 for Spyral, planted by Batman.This oversize omnibus collects[...]

Grayson Ch-Ch-Changes And More

Grayson Ch-Ch-Changes, And More

Last week we told you how an upcoming issue of Daredevil had completely changed from its solicitation.Well Grayson #19 by Jackson Lanning and Collin Kelly was solicited for this month drawn by Carmine Di Guandomenico It’s the ultimate spy showdown! Civil war has broken out at Spyral, with Dick Grayson stuck in the middle[...]

Yes Yes It Is Grayson And James Bond&#8230.

Yes, Yes, It Is Grayson And James Bond….

But today's issue of Grayson goes out and out to make itself as much like James Bond than ever before.And not the James Bond of the novels, currently being recreated so expertly by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters But the James Bond of the movies, specifically the Connery and Moore days Including the ski chase from[...]

Tim Seeley Responds To Grayson #13 Outrage

Tim Seeley Responds To Grayson #13 Outrage

These two pages of the upcoming Grayson #13 previewed by ComicVine have caused considerable commentary by the commentariat Some of which has seen writer Tim Seeley responds on Twitter.The sexual objectification of Dick Grayson has been a central running gag of this series (and others) but it may have reached an apogee this week.In which[...]

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss &#8211 Todays Grayson And Spawn

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss – Today's Grayson And Spawn

Today's Grayson is an example of the success of innovation and experimentation at DC Comics - Batgirling if you will - with the comic taking a narrative approach you might be more likely to expect in Promethea, Cerebus or Sandman.But this is Grayson so there are other concerns upon meeting a duplicated version of himself[...]

Grayson Panders Like Hes Never Pandered Before &#8211 And Its Exquisite (SPOILERS)

Grayson Panders Like He's Never Pandered Before – And It's Exquisite (SPOILERS)

Grayson is definitely one of the Batgirled titles at DC Comics, a creative vision transforming a character for a specific demographic, with style, elegance and panache.And also very entertainingly pandering scenes Such as this one.And these ones.Or this one.Absolutely exquisite Well the shameless pandering gets turned up a notch in today's Grayson, from Tim Seeley,[...]

Grayson #8 &#8211 This Review Doesnt Exist

Grayson #8 – This Review Doesn't Exist!

Mark Bristow writes,Since Forever Evil, Tom King, Tim Seeley, and artist Mikel Janin have been paving the way for Dick Grayson's new status quo as a secret agent for clandestine organization Spyral This week, we saw the end of the first chapter as main line DC takes a break for the Convergence event With Grayson[...]

The Competing Buttocks Of Dick Grayson

The Competing Buttocks Of Dick Grayson

 From tomorrow's Grayson #8, previewed on DC's media partner Crave Online... They really know their audience, don't they? So which are you, Team Jim or Team Juan?Say I wonder if "gay" Dick Grayson will get Catwoman headlines? Though I like the fact that the character is "in the closet" regarding his heterosexuality at the school...[...]

Todays Best Dick Grayson Joke Is From Futures End

Today's Best Dick Grayson Joke Is From Futures End

Last year was the year that DC Comics finally decided to embrace the dick jokes that everyone else had been making for decades regarding Dick Grayson Like these.There was a time during the launch of the New 52, that DC Comics encouraged writers to use the guy's full name. But now? With the launch of Grayson,[...]

Grayson #7: Manhood Midnighter Watchmen And A Happy Ending

Grayson #7: Manhood, Midnighter, Watchmen And A Happy Ending?

By Shawn Perry'Sup Bleeders,It has been too long since I waxed eloquent about my favorite superhero sans-super-powers so I am going to get right to the point: Grayson #7 by Tim Seeley and Tom King was the most effortlessly brilliant issue of the run Once again Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox prove capable of creating[...]

The Lesson Batman Taught Both His Robins After Receiving A Kiss&#8230

The Lesson Batman Taught Both His Robins After Receiving A Kiss…

Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd's Robin having a chat.And from today's Grayson #7......clearly he got the "talk" as well,Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, with a Liz Prince signing this Saturday...And a Kieron Gillen signing the next!Yes, folks, that is how Kieron will be spending Valentine's Day...  From the Superman Annual, "For The Man Who[...]

Ch-Ch-Changes &#8211 From Grayson To Fables

Ch-Ch-Changes – From Grayson To Fables

A few changes 'txist solicitations and publications, from Marvel and DC Comics...Grayson #7 is solicited with art from Mikel Janin, but instead will be by Stephen Mooney.Patrick Zircher is no longer the artist on New 52: Futures End #39, instead it will be Stephen Thompson.Secret Origins #9 has seen the solicited Javi Pina replaced by Alessandro Vitto. Earth[...]

Dick Grayson And The Male Gaze

Dick Grayson And The Male Gaze

Dick Grayson buttshots have been a bit of a running joke There are Tumblrs such as F--- Yeah Dick Grayson's Ass and Nightwings Ass Appreciation, with memes like these running around the place.When writing the Nightwing/Oracle comic for Convergence, Gail Simone said, I am writing it, of course there’s Nightwing ass! That’s a funny[...]

The Confluence Of Grayson #5 And Batman #156

The Confluence Of Grayson #5 And Batman #156

Today is a very special episode of Grayson, in which our hero walks across a desolate expanse in extreme weather conditions, clutching a small baby, trying to keep them both alive. No, wait, sorry, that's from Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1, also out today But back to Grayson #5.I know that dream...Clicky for biggy, No, I[...]

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Grayson &#8211 From Front To Back To Front Again

Grayson – From Front To Back To Front Again

Shawn Perry writes,This past week Grayson: Futures End by Tim Seeley and Tom King was published and it exceeded all my expectations It’s a unique one-shot where each page goes further back in time…Holy Crap.Grayson: Futures End was awesome! The story begins with a jarring flash-forward to five years from now that I will not[...]