4 Titles From Avatar This Week: God is Dead, Mercury Heat And A Double Dose Of Crossed

There are four books shipping this week from Avatar Press: Crossed: Badlands #85, Crossed +100 #8, God is Dead #42 and Mercury Heat #3. And you have various covers to choose from for each.

Crossed Badlands #85

As the procurement team from the bridge reach their goal of the Pharm-Rite drug store and face the unthinkable horrors awaiting them, the alliances of those they left behind with newcomers Morgan and Olivia begin to erode. Following the "gospel" of the women's survival guide, the survivors on the bridge and on the ground find their once sound confederacy unraveling. But which is worse- The maniacal, natural urges of the Crossed, or cold, calculated murder by someone who is uninfected? Available with Regular Cover by Christian Zanier, Wraparound &Torture Cover by Nahuel Lopez, C-Day Worldwide Cover by German Nobile, Art Deco Cover by Michael Dipascale, and Red Crossed Incentive Cover also by Zanier.

Crossed85-ArtDecoCrossed85-Cday-NewZealand Crossed85-redcrossed Crossed85-reg Crossed85-torture Crossed85-Wraparound

Crossed +100 #8

Simon Spurrier continues to deliver a dire new tale based on the extensive world-building notes from Alan Moore!  A few years after the events of the first Crossed +100 arc, Future attempts to prepare the people of Murfreesboro for the horrors she saw.  But an exploratory balloon ride to the outlying settlements provides an ominous warning that the relative peace that the surviving humans managed to scrape together has begun to crumble.  Every nuance of this series has been inspired by the masterfully detailed outlines of Alan Moore.

Crossed100n8-AmericanhistoryX Crossed100n8-CrossedWires Crossed100n8-Disastered Crossed100n8-HorrificHomage Crossed100n8-RedCrossed Crossed100n8-Regular Crossed100n8-WishfulFiction

God is Dead #42

The world has been remade and the realms of man and god are separate.  With the slaughter of gods fighting daily, being reaped, and set back to combat, all seems truly futile.  But somewhere, voices from Earth's past are weaving stories about the realms of both the mortal and the divine.  And those tales may spell doom for the peace that has divided the two realms in new creation. Available with Regular Cover by Jacen Burrows, Enchanting & End of Days Covers by Jose Luis, Iconic Cover by Juan Frigeri, a Carnage Wraparound Cover by German Nobile, and a special Gilded Incentive Cover also by Frigeri.

GodisDead42_Reg GodisDead42-Enchanting GodisDead42-EndofDays GodisDead42-Gilded GodisDead42-Iconic GodisDead42-Wrap

Mercury Heat #3

Kieron Gillen delves deeper into his new world of Mercury as surly cop Luiza goes for wild ride on the surface!.  The smash-hit of FCBD continues monthly with the sizzling sci-fi world where cyborgs and memory crystals crash into a good old-fashion cop drama!   Available with Regular, Wraparound, Art Nouveau, Excessive Force, and a special Designs Incentive Cover by the Silva Brothers.


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