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Femforce Celebrates Independence Day in AC Comics' July 2018 Solicits
Victory, the most patriotic member of the legendary AC Comics team Full details below. FEMFORCE # 183 As the country celebrates Independence Day this July, Femforce #183 marks a special tribute to FF leader MS VICTORY!! After the full team (INCLUDING Ms V.) dispenses with the offbeat miniature menace in "The Taming Of The Shrew" Part II[...]
AC Comics June 2018 Solicits
AC Comics, continuing their tradition of reprinting Golden Age Comics, bring you Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol 18 this June This edition will contain plenty of Golden Age crime and romance comics for your delight More details below. GOLDEN AGE GREATS SPOTLIGHT #18 Crime and romance comic books aimed at a largely adult audience made up a large[...]
Bulletman and Bulletgirl Return Once More: AC Comics May 2018 Solicits
AC Comics are bringing about their regular collection of classic comic offerings this May This time around, Men of Mystery returns with Bulletman and Bulletgirl among many others More details below. MEN OF MYSTERY #108 AC has ranged far and wide to bring readers a refreshing "new" sampling of Golden Age heroes to chronicle in the big, 108Th issue[...]
AC Comics
AC Comics is bringing us Volume 36 of this collection in this coming April It includes creators such as Bill Everett, Ross Andru, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, George Tuska, and much more More details below. CRYPT OF HORROR #36 Much of the best artwork on the great Pre-Code horror comics of the 1950's was produced by[...]
Violet Shadow AC Comics
AC Comics brings you the #0 of a new martial arts series, The Violet Shadow by Andrew Hawnt, Francesco Savi, and Emanuel Derna They're also putting out FemForce #182 by a murderers' row of writers and artists such as Bill Black, Eric Lindberg, Javier Lugo, Lou Mougin, and more[...]
Minute Man, Captain Triumph, And Other Forgotten Heroes- AC Comics February 2018 Solicits
In February of 2018, AC Comics is bringing back a number of forgotten Golden Age heroes in their Men of Mystery #107. Such heroes include, Starr Flagg, Minute Man, Captain Triumph, the Ghost, and others They will be reprints of original 1940's stories by their creators such as Phil Bard, Reed Crandall, Augie Froehlich, and Elmer Wexler. MEN OF MYSTERY #107 The[...]