A Deeper Mystery in Goldie Vance #2

GoldieVance_002_A_Main After enjoying the first issue of Goldie Vance, I was looking forward to reading the next one. This week brings us, Goldie Vance #2, from BOOM! Box, written by Hope Larson, with art by Brittney Williams. I guess it's pretty predictable to think that each issue will include a mystery of some sort, and this one involves a two-dollar bill, a Russian candy wrapper, and a missing guest.


This is the first comic by Hope Larson that I've read, and I'm really enjoying her writing style. Her dialogue is well-written. Brittney Williams art style makes me feels like a mystery is unfolding. It's like I can almost here the suspenseful music playing behind the characters. As far as Goldie herself goes, I feel like there's more to learn about her character. I was happy to find out a bit more about her parents, and the fact that her Mom is a fake mermaid…well, I love that. It was a funny, but effective small detail. While the first issue didn't establish too much of an ongoing ARC, this second one certainly laid down a bit of a foundation. The ending left me curious, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the story progresses. If you're looking for a light, amusing read, be sure to add Goldie Vance to your pull list.GoldieVance_002_PRESS-4