A Gallery Of Spider-Men, And Ron Frenz Talks Spider-Verse

Dan Slott told you that there would be all the Spider-Men you could think of, and then some, in Spiderverse.

And from today's Amazing Spider-Man, we see so many of them across the dimensions through the web of the multiverse. Including, top left, the original sixties cartoon Spider-Man with less tricky weblines to draw….

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And even the great Spider-Hulk, a character that Kieron Gillen admitted he had to be drunk to write.Hang on… is that a Corto Maltese Spider-Man as well?

And from Spider-Verse Team Up… more of the same, with extra ham.

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Everyone loves Spider-Ham. Though not everyone loves what Spider-Verse has done with Spider-Girl. Co-creator Ron Frenz is reported as saying by The Swerve magazine,

"I didn't really enjoy it. Let's put it this way, Dan Slott is not Roger Stern. Roger Stern, when he's going to use a character, he researches the character inside and out. When Roger Stern used American Dream in 'Captain America Corps,' there was nothing in there that didn't match the character. He always does a fantastic job, any character he uses he gets the voice right, he gets the character's motivations right, he gets it all right."

"Spider-Girl's been in a very rarefied place, being in a little corner all her own, where Tom DeFalco has always done the lion's share of the handling. What character can claim that, in 16 years they've only been handled, aside from once or twice, by one writer?"

With such a singular voice, Mayday introducing herself as "The Spider-Girl" was enough to stick out to longtime fans.

"'My name is May 'Mayday' Parker, I'm the daughter of Spider-Man.' With all the times it's been used, with all the times it's been done right, why wouldn't he put that in there for easy identification to bring people into the character the way DeFalco always brought people into the character?"

Even though they are meant to be contributing to Spider-Verse themselves…

DeFalco and Frenz were recently solicited as the team for a Spider-Girl story in "Spider-Verse Team-Up" #3, but details of the story are still developing, and nothing is concrete at this point.

"I don't know where this is going.  I've looked at the time line, and it happens only like two chapters before the finale, so obviously they're going to be controlling what happens in the story, so we're probably not going to have a lot of leeway."

And as for the the wider aspects,

"Several of the reviews I've read have talked about about how the lead-up to Spider-Verse, we aren't even to the main story, and people are sick and tired of the slaughter scenes. They're sick and tired of the little back-ups where you're reintroduced or introduced to an alternate Spider-Man, and he gets slaughtered. We get it, they're eee-vil.

"I was reading up on this Incursion storyline happening in 'Original Sin' and 'Avengers,' and they're doing the same thing. They're showing alternate realities, some of them made up just for the storyline, and then slaughtering them as a lead-up to the Illuminati wanting to blow up a world to save the multiverse. So they are doing two concurrent storylines where the lead-up scenes are gratuitous slaughter of alternate versions of characters. Maybe it all dovetails into the new 'Secret Wars,' but at the moment it' s coming across as very repetitive, and it's certainly making death meaningless in the Marvel universe, if it ever had meaning.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, proud to announce their first in a line of new programming vents, a directors commentary on the first Southern Bastards collection by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour. Places are rather limited…



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