A Reunited Family's Next Adventure! Saga #37 Begins The War For Phang: Part One

It's always a good feeling when we know that Saga's Summer hiatus is over. Yes, the action packed surprising comic is back this week with issue #37, from Image Comics, written by Brian K. Vaughan, with art by Fiona Staples. This new story arc is entitled The War for Phang: Part One, and is a self contained event that Vaughan and Staples have been building to since their first issue.



Boy, does it start off with a bang. Within the first few minutes of the issue we learn that Alana might be eating for two. In fact, she's pretty sure of it. Marko on the other hand feels a little bit more cautious as he urges her to not mention anything to Hazel. Can you imagine another member of the family coming into the picture? A baby! I can't wait to see how that develops. This is the first time the family has actually been together in such a long time. It's nice to see them all on one page again. However, it doesn't take long for the you know what to hit the fan. The ship is breaking down and the whole gang, including the sex-obsessed Prince Robot IV must land somewhere. Where you ask? Phang, a land where everyone hates each other.

Minus the inevitable chaos that Saga always brings to the table. There are so many touching moments with this group of characters. I really enjoy the addition of Petrichor the trans-gender character into the story. She has a conversation with Izabel that you don't want to miss out on. As always, Fiona Staples art work is a fantastic display of genius imagination. I want to live inside her brain. All in all, the issue is a well-rounded exciting one that kicks off this new story arc with a bang! Brian K. Vaughan never fails to impress me with his writing skills and I still stand by Saga being a comic that we will enjoy for years to come. Be sure to grab your copy of Saga #37 at your local comic book store today.

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