Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Cinema Purgatorio to be Collected in April 2020

So Bleeding Cool is owned by Avatar Press. Do you see a lot of Avatar promotional stuff on this site? Not really no because, despite Avatar Press owning their own media site, they are shockingly bad at actually using it for any promotional purposes. And I end up finding out what they are publishing through a variety of sources, but rarely Avatar Press themselves,

Such as the news that they are to collect the Cinema Purgatorio strips by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill from the Cinema Purgatorio anthology that ran for two years. It was my favourite strip from this recreation-of-Warrior Magazine and saw someone condemned to purgatory, which involves watching movies in a very dodgy cinema with the oddest of customers, staff – and films.

The movies are a mixture of classic films that have been rewritten and represented to shine a spotlight on the true history of cinema. So the backstabbing history of the Warner Bros are told through the work of the Marx Brothers. Or corruption in cinema with the Keystone Kops. All the while getting hints and tips over what this unfortunate soul may have done to get condemned in such a way, starting to impinge onto the screen and the cinema foyer. It's brilliant.

And now all eighteen chapters will be collected into one collection, scheduled for April 28th, 2020. As I discovered on Amazon. Because Avatar never thought to mention it to me…

Cinema Purgatorio Collection Paperback – April 28, 2020

Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill invite you take a trip through the dark recesses of cinema, in their first major project together since League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The power of movies, the people behind it, the damage it has done, and the story of one woman forced to bare her soul, is all unspooled one short film at a time. Every chapter is radically different yet all weaved into one tapestry of breathtaking complexity as only Alan Moore could do. This collection has all eighteen chapters for the complete story.

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