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Kevin O'Neill's Comic Mek Memoirs, Back In Print After 46 Years
Drawn by Kevin O'Neill, it was this comic that he used to pitch his work to Pat Mills at 2000AD and launched his career. Kevin O'Neill's Comic Mek Memoirs, Back In Print After 46 Years – and no staples, they promise Newly created from scans of the original artwork, this facsimile edition comes wrapped in 8 pages[...]
Battle Action Special: Ennis, O’Neill lead Anthology’s Return
Battle Action Special is a new anthology from 2000AD publisher Rebellion that revives Action, Britain's most controversial comic, with two of Britain's most controversial creators – Garth Ennis and Kevin O'Neill! "Battle Action Special" cover art courtesy of Rebellion Publishing. When it first appeared on newsagents' shelves in 1976, Action caused a moral panic as newspapers, MPs,[...]
Hexagon Comics October 2021
And in October, that means a Strangers origin and Tales of the Hexagonverse with Kevin O'Neill… OCTOBER 2021 RELEASE:  TALES OF THE HEXAGONVERSE 7×10 squarebound trade paperback, 54 pages b&w ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-088-9 US$12.95. Stories by J.-M Lofficier; Art by Gerald Forton, Timothy J Green II; Kevin O'Neill; Phillip Xavier[...]
Cinema Purgatorio #1 Hardcover Comes To Comic Stores
As the collection of the Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill strips has hit comic stores (with signed copies at Gosh), the original hardcover of the first issue, alongside new work by Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage and Max Brooks is being offered through Diamond Comic Distributors for the first time Copies of this have[...]
From League To Violator Vs Badrock - Alan Moore's Nineties At Auction
Literally. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol.2 by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill First, we have a page by Kevin O'Neill and Alan Moore from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol.2, #2 Story Page 24, from 2002 The Invisible Man betrays his fellow league members by offering to help two mysterious alien head creatures conquer the Earth[...]
Original Artwork From Kevin O'Neill,
We ran a bunch of X-Men-related pieces earlier today but here are a few choice examples from across the boards. League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Kevin O'Neill Kevin O'Neill The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V2#2 Page 3 Original Art (DC, 2002) A barrage of laborers begin unearthing the strange cylinder that has landed on Horsel Common — and the[...]
Avatar Sells Out Of Cinema Purgatorio Box Sets Completely
All eighteen issues of the Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill curated comic book anthology with a cover price of $40 As well as the title comic by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, completely told in the series, the others including supernatural paramedical drama Code Pru, by Garth Ennis and Raulo Cacares, the Mad Max-meets-Pokemon of Modded by Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Caleres, Kaiju-procedural The Vast by Christos[...]
Cinema Purgatorio - 18 Issues For $40, FOC This Weekend
Cinema Purgatorio was a comic book anthology curated by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, featuring five ongoing features, published by Bleeding Cool's own publisher, Avatar Press Cinema Purgatorio ran for eighteen issues, finishing each story, None of the series have been collected, and certain individual issues can go for a pretty penny But going to[...]
Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Cinema Purgatorio, In Comic Stores For April
So Cinema Purgatorio by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill is about a woman in purgatory, condemned to visit a very dodgy cinema, which shows movies that are familiar, but are analytical of movie form, culture and history We get the history of the Warner Brothers as if they were the Marz Brothers We see tales[...]
Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Cinema Purgatorio to be Collected in April 2020
And I end up finding out what they are publishing through a variety of sources, but rarely Avatar Press themselves, Such as the news that they are to collect the Cinema Purgatorio strips by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill from the Cinema Purgatorio anthology that ran for two years It was my favourite strip from this[...]
Marshal Law Creators Pat Mills And Kevin O'Neill's New Project Read Em And Weep
Kevin O'Neill's is the co-creator of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Cinema Purgatorio Together they created the legendary superhero satire Marshal Law. And now they have a new takedown of the comic book industry from the people who were there. Read Em And Weep is a new series of novels by the pair, the first, Serial Killer[...]