American Nature Spins Out Of Hoax Hunters Into Own Book

Tarzan Trogrief writes for Bleeding Cool:

American Nature began as a monthly backup feature in Image Comic's Hoax Hunters. Now it's expanding, and bringing new friends. American Nature Presents features the work of emerging and established talents such as Austin Tinius, Robert Salinas, Antonio Brandao, Zé Burnay, Ralph Niese, Benjamin Marra and, of course, the American Nature crew of Dave Landsberger, Marc Koprinarov and Greg & Fake.

photo 1What's Shia Labeouf's favorite comic*? No, it's not by Daniel Clowes. Good guess though, good guess. It's Beef Jams from American Nature by writers Dave Landsberger and Marc Koprinarov  and artists Greg & Fake. I mean, what self respecting American citizen wouldn't read a comic about an underground basketball tournament featuring player-masctos, such as international sensation, Phylo the Cheeseburger?

Even Mr. Labeouf couldn't resist the beef. Witness a cultural icon, drawing another cultural icon, in this pin-up that the star of international blockbusters and erotic Danish arthouse epics graciously contributed to American Nature's archives:

photo 2But the world would be a lonely place right now if Mr. Labeouf were our only friend. Fear not, we've got a deluxe sized kiddie-pool full of friends (literally overflowing with talent, water).  And what's more, they've come along for the ride and contributed eye popping work for American Nature Presents, which is being funded on kickstarter as we speak. Check it:

AmNat CoverA famous rapper once said, "Thou shalt not judge a book by it's cover, thou shalt not judge Lethal Weapon by Danny Glover". Sounds like solid logic, but solid logic goes out of the window when your book is adorned with a cover by Steve Seeley. So yeah, please do judge American Nature by it's cover, because when Steve is not writing hit Image series like Hoax Hunters and the upcoming Hack/Slash, he is producing gallery quality paintings. So maybe don't bag and board this comic, but frame and hang it somewhere where art savvy friends can ask you about it.

Another good friend to have, especially in a bar fight are the fellas over at Bogus Books, purveyors of such fine comics as Holly Hoxxx and Doctor Muscles. If Heavy Metal and Metal Hurlant was your thing back in the day, their work will make you feel that special tingle once again. Here they present R.A.D. IN TIME, a super rad time travel story written by Austin Tinius and Robert Salinas and illustrated by Antonio Brandao.

By now you must have heard of underground superstar Benjamin Marra and his self published comics Blades and Lazers, Gangster Rap Posse and Night Business.  Well if not, that part of your life is over. Don't look back. You must only look forward to his brand new Vigilante Girl Gang story, which you can only read in the pages of American Nature Presents.

Ever read Juxtapoz magazine? Then you may have seen the work of Zè Burnay. Or you might be familiar with his heavy metal paranormal adventure webcomic Witch Gauntlet. I can tell you this, you surely haven't read his Witch Gauntlet story The Walking Light, presented exclusively in American Nature Presents.

Last, but certainly not least, Ralph Niese, cover artist for Noble Causes, contributes another mind bending time travel tale with Mediocrates.

photo 3But our friends are not limited to only comics. The basic package in the Donruss Diamond Collection features a 7" vinyl record by your favorite rapper's favorite indie band KLEENEX GIR WONDER, in collaboration with with fun loving internet hacktivist and mashup superstar THE HOOD INTERNET.

But wait, we're not done. You also get your choice of three shirts, from our friends at BURGER AND FRIENDS. Have you been working out? You'd look good in that shirt.

photo 4So if you want any of this good stuff, and tiers on tiers of other swag, check out the Kickstarter page and see what catches your eye.

SMD KS GFXFeel free to spread the word and check back for updates. We'll be announcing new rewards and a pin up by a white hot Image Comics artist.

And to anyone who has already pledged, we love you.

As a special reward to any Bleeding Cool readers who decide to donate, include the code: MOREPLZ in the comments with your order for a special FREE digital copy collecting the entirety of the AMERICAN NATURE backups that ran in Image Comics' HOAX HUNTERS.


*Claim unverified, based on assumptions and unreturned emails.

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