Bad Idea Increase First-Wave Stores to 50, Sign-Up Stores at ComicsPRO, Enforce One-Per-Customer Sale

Bad Idea launched, announcing they would only sell their comics in twenty qualifying comic book stores, increasing to fifty in the first year. No digital, no collections, no Diamond distribution. We wondered how that would go over at ComicsPRO.

Well, they had to make changes. For a start, they are increasing the first wave to fifty stores, not twenty. Plus, everyone at ComicPRO will be made eligible to sign up as a Bad Idea-approved retailer this weekend if they wish, immediately after their presentation — and if they don't make into the first 50, they could be bumped to a subsequent wave of what are now being called Bad Idea Destination Stores. But they do reiterate, that everyone who qualifies must;

agree to a stringent set of rules, criteria, and grueling mental and physical challenges (kidding?) ((not kidding)) that include prominent in-store placement for BAD IDEA comics, some truly galling and gauche promotional displays, and strictly enforced "limit one per customer," street date, pre-order, pricing, and minimum/maximum order and allocation policies for all Bad Idea releases.  Failure to comply with the spirit and/or letter of the rules will result in removal from the program and a well-deserved shaming from your friends, family members, and professional colleagues.

(Seriously, we will find you.)

And for those who don't qualify this time,

each time a new retailer comes on board as a BAD IDEA Destination Store™™ anywhere in the world, they'll be able to access every prior BAD IDEA release in very limited quantities, so, that way, you and your store can start at the beginning. We knew you had the power within you, all along.

Oh and Bad Idea are offering a Diamond-beating retailer discount of 60% off and free shipping for everyone. Even foreign stores. I am also told to look out for a very insane video to be shown with lots of celebrities involved. Any chance anyone could leak it to Bleeding Cool? And keep an eye on this website to find out which retailers have made the cut. Catch up with all Bleeding Cool's Bad Idea coverage right here  and ComicsPRO coverage here.

And yes, the 40-page $3.99 Eniac #1 by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite from Bad Idea will launch on May 6th… here's a few more pencilled pages.

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