Batman White Knight Presents Red Hood #1 Reveals New Robin (Spoilers)

Back in February, Screen Rant reported that the tentatively titled Batman: White Knight: Red Hood set in Sean Murphy's Murphyverse would see Red Hood as he trains his protégé and that the series will spin out of the current Batman: Beyond the White Knight, which also introduces Terry McGinnis and Neo-Gotham to the White Knight universe. And that Sean Murphy would co-write the series with Clay McCormack and drawn by Simone Di Meo.

Batman White Knight Presents Red Hood #1 Reveals New Robin (Spoilers)

Well, it seems that this week's Batman: Beyond The White Knight will confirm it, as well as give a first appearance for his new protege. As seen in comic books sold earlier in certain unnamed American comic book stores…

Batman White Knight Presents Red Hood #1 Reveals New Robin (Spoilers)
Batman White Knight Presents Red Hood #1 Reveals New Robin (Spoilers)

With the new title Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood #1. And that comes from editor Brittany Holzherr. Talking to Screen Rant, Murphy said that "one of the goals of the new book is to "humanize" Red Hood; he will take on a daughter-figure and as he trains her, he comes to new realizations about his relationship with Batman, ultimately empathizing with his former mentor." Well, this looks like our first glimpse at her. Batman Beyond The White Knight #1 by Sean Murphy is published on Tuesday.

(W/A/CA) Sean Murphy
A lot can change in 10 years, especially in Gotham! Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne, may be behind bars, but the real criminals are still out there. Gotham Motors CEO Derek Powers has seized control of the Wayne family's assets and is using them to transform the GTO and the city they've sworn to protect. Crime is down, but at what cost? A new Batman has emerged in Powers's city, and only Bruce is fully aware of the dangers to come. It's time to destroy the mantle for good, but he'll need one of his forgotten sons' help to do so. Enter Jason Todd…the first Robin?! In this thrilling sequel to the blockbuster comic book hits Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knight, writer/artist Sean Murphy invites the audience to go beyond the Gotham they know to discover an engrossing new take on the city and its heroes. Welcome to Neo-Gotham and the world of Beyond the White Knight! Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 03/29/2022

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