Beast And Wonder Man Bromance Headlines Marvel Legacy Uncanny Avengers By Jim Zub And Sean Izaakse

And what does Uncanny Avengers have to do with the Fantastic Four?!

Beast And Wonder Man Bromance Headlines Marvel Legacy Uncanny Avengers By Jim Zub And Sean Izaakse

To promote the latest Marvel Legacy series details and creative team reveal, Marvel broke out the big guns! Top exec Tom Brevoort accompanied writer Jim Zub to talk about Uncanny Avengers in an EXCLUSIVE Previews World interview. Brevoort, of course, wasted no time in using that opportunity to pour salt in the wounds of disgruntled Fantastic Four fans by teasing more references to the team, despite recent alternative facts presented by Brevoort claiming Marvel won't publish a Fantastic Four book because it doesn't sell well.

Uncanny Avengers will continue to be the series that operates "across the aisle" between the worlds of the Avengers and the X-Men (and also the worlds of the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans and just about everybody else). It's not a new bridge precisely — and the fact that we're turning our Legacy storyline on reuniting the vintage bromance of Wonder Man and the Beast underscores that. These guys have been best buddies for decades, with no divide between A and X truly separating them. Additionally, though, we'll also be seeing some classic mutant villains in these coming issues, folks whom we haven't often seen go up against any iteration of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. So yes, Uncanny Avengers will continue to illustrate on a monthly basis that the Marvel Universe is just that — a shared universe, and not simply a collection of individual publishing lines where never the twain shall meet.

With that out of the way, Zub was free to talk about the relationship between Beast and Wonder Man, which will be a focal point of the book starting with Uncanny Avengers #28:

What's important is giving a clear sense that these two characters have a shared history, a real bond of friendship and comradery. The specifics might go over the head of newer readers, but they'll understand the emotional part and that's the core of it. I don't need to know every in-joke to see that people are close.

In addition, it's important to make sure that it's not just navel gazing for the sake of it. Looking back and taking stock of what you've done has a purpose. It helps you understand how you got to where you are, and decide who you want to be in the future. Wonder Man and Beast are coming to a crossroads. It's a good time to look back before they move forward.

Look for Marvel Legacy Uncanny Avengers in stores this Fall.

Part Avengers and part X-Men. Two of Earth's mightiest heroes and two of Earth's mightiest friends. And when it comes to super-heroics, Wonder Man and the Beast have seen it, done it, and they got the T-shirt. When the world throws you cosmic conflict, global calamity, death, rebirth and heartache aplenty, it's important to remember where your friends are. Join us for "A Pint or Two," won't you?

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