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Amazing Adventures #11
When Hank McCoy, The Beast, was introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in X-Men #1, he was a big white guy with larger hands and feet than one might have expected, and a tendency to take his shoes off But skip forward a decade, when X-Men was running in reprints, he returned in the[...]
Check Out the First Poster for Idris Elba's Beast
A little over a year ago, Universal dates a movie starring Idris Elba and Sharlto Copeley called Beast for August 19, 2022 It is coming from director Baltasar Kormákur, who has brought some pretty awesome pictures to the big screen, including Everest, one of the few movies that has given me full-blown vertigo in an IMAX theater, and the[...]
Marvel Comics Vs Russia Again
The Beast seems to want to keep Colossus and Omega Red onside regarding this. Wolverine #3 But a few short months later, the Beast has turned around rather And X-Force #12 showed us Colossus being interned on Krakoa because he was Russian In front of everyone. X-Force #12. With Hank McCoy's written notes for an explanation At the time,[...]
Amazing Adventures #14 (Marvel, 1972)
For a little while in the early 1970s, the Beast was the most important member of X-Men.  The original X-Men series continued as reprints at the end of 1970, but less than 18 months later the Beast got his own solo series beginning with Amazing Adventures #11.  While this series is best remembered as the[...]
You Can Own A Pair Of The Beasts Ears From X3: The Last Stand
Say what you will about X3, and many of us have, but one thing you have to admit is that the make-up department did a great job, especially when it came to Beast, as played by Kelsey Grammar in the film I still think that they nailed that casting, and it is surreal to think[...]
Brie Spangler Sells Fox Point's Own Gemma Hopper OGN To Kopf
Beast was a 2016 YA novel by Brie Spangler that won a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year, was a Rainbow Book List selection and a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection, described as a "witty, wise, and heart-wrenching reimagining of Beauty and the Beast."[...]
Classic X-Men Cover CGC Copy Up For Auction On ComicConnect
of Polaris and Mesmero, origin of the Beast Adorned with a classic Jim Steranko cover, issue #49 of the X-Men deals with the subject of the growing population of mutants around the world and their struggle to exist in a society controlled by humans After the FBI shuts down the X-Men, Angel returns to the[...]
Nicholas Hoult Joins the "Mission: Impossible" Franchise
One of Nicholas Hoult's most iconic roles is as the younger version of Hank McCoy/Beast in the X-Men: First Class films Kelsey Grammer initially played the older version in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Hoult spoke to GQ in a career retrospective reflecting on his most iconic roles When he auditioned for Beast in 2011,[...]
Nicholas Hoult Joins the "Mission: Impossible" Franchise
Nicholas Hoult has fond memories as part of Fox's X-Men franchise playing the younger version of Hank McCoy/Beast through four films Making his debut in First Class (2011), the actor reprised the role in Days of Future Past (2014), Apocalypse (2016), and Dark Phoenix (2019) With Disney's acquisition of 20st Century Fox in March 2019,[...]
Beauty and the Beast Get Magical with New Enesco Statues
Enhance your Disney collection with some new Beauty and the Beast statues from Enesco Each one is special in its own way and has its own unique design Four statues are coming out, the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast, Beast by himself, fancy Belle, and Belle The ballroom scene statue is features both[...]
Beast Goes Vintage with New Marvel Legends Figure 
This time Beast gets vintage with Hasbro as their newest figure This 6 inch figure features a grey version of X-Men's Beast and comes with two different heads He is fully articulated and features a nice set of accessories I enjoy all the new figures that the Marvel Vintage Legends Series has to offer With[...]
Who is the Chronicler? X-Force #7 [SPOILERS]
But the issue's prose pages are another story, focused on The Beast as he saunters around Krakoa doing Beast things, like asking Forge to develop technology so he can spy on the Avengers or collecting insect samples from Krakoa to do… whatever it is Beast does with that sort of stuff Maybe he eats them? But[...]
Wolverine Slashes His Way with New Statue from Iron Studios
We have already seen Rogue and Beast and this time it's for your favorite hairy Canadian Wolverine Logan jumps into action with his statue featuring his iconic yellow in a blue costume There's quite a great amount of detail on the statue from the emotion on his face, to his arms and even his claws[...]
X-Men's Beast Holds His Own in Single Release Statue from Iron Studios
X-Men's blue furry friend Beast is one of the original members of the X-Men Recently revealed from Iron Studios was a massive X-Men versus Sentinel statue This statue featured a wide variety of X-Men fighting off the mutant-hunting Sentinel at the X-Mansion That +$1000 statue was super detailed and you can find it currently up[...]
The X-Men Take on a Sentinel in New Iron Studios Statue
Cyclops, Jubilee, Rogue, Beast, and Wolverine all are included in this diorama Cyclops and Wolverine both have interchangeable parts too This statue is very detailed from the paint on the set an all the details on each of the X-Men Even the base itself shows off what appears to be the X-Mansion in ruins after[...]