Black Science #35 Review: Brilliant Character Deconstruction

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Grant and Sara arrive in an outpost in the Eververse where a woman informs them that their reality has collapsed, and their continued dimension-jumping has irreparably damaged all realities. This woman also tells the duo that the key to making things better is for Grant and Sara to fix their marriage. Sara is reluctant, and the woman sends her to a reality that will help change her mind. Grant stays behind, and the woman helps Grant work out his personal problems.

Black Science #35 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio
Black Science #35 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio

It's always heartening to jump into a long-running comic like this and to be able to follow along with relative ease. Admittedly, reading the previously page helped, but, even then, Black Science #35 is laser-focused on its characters and using their personal feelings to drive the narrative.

In other words, if you can understand the characters, you can understand this comic.

It's a wonderful character study of Grant and Sara at that. This woman is thoroughly familiar with Grant and Sara's past, and she forces them to confront some harsh truths about themselves. On top of that, the finale pulls a shocking twist not unlike some of the turns in Bioshock Infinite.

Black Science #35 art by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio
Black Science #35 art by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio

Matteo Scalera's artwork is highly stylized and makes the book among the most visually unique I've seen in some time. The characters have highly exaggerated facial features, but this doesn't detract from the seriousness of the story. The world is wild all-around, and the texturing still makes the figures look like you could reach out and touch them. Moreno Dinisio's color art is vibrant and quite brilliant, making the world all the more dazzling.

Black Science #35 is a fantastic character study of its leads accessible to those who haven't even followed the previous 34 installments. It's compelling, touching, and even heartbreaking. Scalera and Dinisio make the comic visually brilliant, and the overall experience is highly enjoyable. This one gets a recommendation. Give it a read.

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