Black Science

The End of Reality is Coming in 'Black Science' #39 (REVIEW)

[rwp_box_recap id="0"] 39 issues in, and Black Science is no less weird or wonderful than it was when it debuted. The story of Grant McKay, anarchist and super scientist, has been a roller coaster ride since issue one, with extra-dimensional travel, family strife, and persistent apocalypse-level destruction hounding Grant at every turn. And it's mostly […]

Deadly Class: No Time For Trailers? Here's the First Episode! (VIDEO)

SYFY understands that when it comes to getting a good education, you can never hit the books too early – which is why the network is giving viewers "early admission" to their series adaptation of Rick Remender (Black Science) and Wes Craig's critically acclaimed Image Comics comic book Deadly Class ahead of its freshman year premiere on January 16. Adapted for television by […]

Deadly Class: Detention is the Least of Your Worries at THIS School (TRAILER)

With the cable network's adaptation of Rick Remender (Black Science, Tokyo Ghost) and Wes Craig's critically acclaimed Image Comics comic book Deadly Class set to open the doors on its freshman year in January 2019, Syfy is giving us a brand new look at the series. This time, the focus is less on the violence (though there's some) or the visuals (though […]

Black Science #36 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio

Black Science #36 Review: Metaphysical Marriage Counseling

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Grant and Sara have been sent into a "hotel" to help the mend their marriage. Both are apprehensive of the idea. The hotel mirrors a dream they've both had and sends them down a river to a party where they reunite with many important people from their lives over the years. They soon […]

Black Science #35 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio

Black Science #35 Review: Brilliant Character Deconstruction

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Grant and Sara arrive in an outpost in the Eververse where a woman informs them that their reality has collapsed, and their continued dimension-jumping has irreparably damaged all realities. This woman also tells the duo that the key to making things better is for Grant and Sara to fix their marriage. Sara is […]

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Rick Remender: If You're Not Reading Black Science, You're Being An A-Hole

Superstar writer Rick Remender has some strong words for anybody who isn't reading Black Science, the Image comic by Remender and Matteo Scalera: you're being an asshole. Not in general, and not to Remender or his co-creator. You're being an asshole, according to Remender, to some of the best art in the world. Remender called out […]

Marvel Super-Mega-Crossover Event Process Still Gives Rick Remender Nightmares

Superstar writer Rick Remender took a break from Marvel two years ago to focus on creator-owned work, co-creating successful books at Image like Black Science, Deadly Class, and the mega-hit Seven To Eternity. But does he ever think about going back? According to a recent tweet, he does, but not in the way you might […]

Wonder Woman Earth One Puts On The Advance Reorders – It Must Be Black Science!

Looks like the fuss about Wonder Woman Earth One has inspired retailers to up their orders big time. But there's a lot of collection action, with Black Science, The Wicked + The Divine, Invader Zim and Gotham Central Omnibus collections taking the top of the chart. But as singles, Deadly Class, Klaus, and Monstress are […]

"A Must-Have For Fans Of The Book And New Readers" Black Science Bonus Content

New York Times bestselling writer Rick Remender (Deadly Class, Low, Tokyo Ghost) and Matteo Scalera tease a few pages from the forthcoming Black Science Deluxe Hardcover Edition, Vol. 1, set to hit stores this February… Rick Remender talked about the books release by saying: "This hardcover commemorates the three-year anniversary of when we started production […]

Prints Charming – Black Science, Imperium And Ninjak…

Consider this an increasingly regular feature looking at comic books that have gone to second prints or more. Now, it is worth remembering that some publishers plan second prints automatically, whether they are needed or not and will often just run extra first print copies in the initial run, set them aside and put a […]

A Comic Show – April Of Ultron, Convergence, & Rick And Morty

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm back with a stack of New Comics Now for April Fool's Day! First up is Convergence #0, it's all New 52 Superman vs Brainiacs. Van Sciver's art really carried me through all the different versions of Metropolis and Brainy, but I am […]

Image Comics Launches 35% Discount Subscription Service

Marvel does theirs through Midtown Comics. You can get good deals on DC Comics through eBates and Now Image Comics is launching Image Direct, year-long print subscriptions for its line of comic books. In a press release exclusively given to CBR (is that how press releases work these days?) Image Direct will allow subscribing readers to receive […]

CYSBR – Comics You Should Be Reading! Black Science And Mind MGMT

By Sammie Rice Greetings, readers! Welcome to the weekly column where I will be talking about comics YOU should be reading! My name is Sammie and I'm going to be your pilot through this excellent journey of comic book goodness! LET'S DO THIS! I have two titles to discuss this week: Black Science #10 Mind […]

The Bleed Episode 5: Reading Rick Remender's Black Science With Mike Moreci

The Bleed is a weekly book club by Bleeding Cool contributors David Dissanayake, Joseph Schmidt, and Sam Morse. The group meets every Wednesday on Google Hangout to discuss news, the latest comics, creator interviews and the pick of the week. This week, we're discussing the Image Comics series Black Science by Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera, Dean White and Rus Wooton. [youtube][/youtube] This week we're joined by Michael Moreci (of […]

The Bleed Episode 4: Reading Ray Fawkes' The People Inside With Ales Kot

The Bleed is a weekly book club by Bleeding Cool contributors David Dissanayake, Joseph Schmidt, and Sam Morse. The group meets every Wednesday on Google Hangout to discuss news, books to check out, and to delve into our pick of the week with a new creator guest every week. This week, we're discussing the Oni Press OGN The People Inside by Ray Fawkes. [youtube][/youtube] […]