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Comic Creator Credits In Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse
Here are those credited as Comic Book Artists: Adrian Alphona – co-creator of Runaways and Ms Marvel Anand Ramcheron – trading card, cover artist, co-creator of Infinity Runners Bill Sienkiewicz – legendary artist on Moon Kight, New Mutants, Stray Toasters, Arkham Asylum, Elektra Assassin, Big Numbers. Sanford Greene – artist on Power Man & Iron Fist, Bitter Root, Wonder[...]
Lake Como Comic Art Festival Full Guest List For 2023
And it looks like he will be debuting images from Zorro: Man Of The Dead there, They join the previously announced Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, Ryan Ottley, Peach Momoko, Dan Brereton, Jenny Frison, Alexander Lozano, Eric Powell, Sozomaika, Frank Cho, Emanuela Lupacchino, Simon Bisley, Mark Bodé, Cat Staggs, Art Adams, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Lee Bermejo, Travis Charest, Geof[...]
Mark Millar's New Netflix Comic With Frank Quitely & Travis Charest
And deservedly so. With artists he has been promising for some time, Frank Quitely, Travis Charest, Olivier Coipel, Matteo Scalera, Matteo Buffagni and Karl Kerschl, all drawing one issue each of the six-issue mini-series, which he is describing as Willy Wonka with super powers And other people are describing as DC's Millenium series from the eighties. "It[...]
Lake Como Comic Art Festival Auction
One item unavailable, bu will be auctioned by the show at a later date is a Druuna piece pencilled by her creator Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri and inked by Frank Cho, and intended to be one of a number of collaborative pieces by European and American artists auctioned by the show going forward. And here are all[...]
Mark Millar Writes Queen Elizabeth II In King Of Spies #1
Mark Millar and Matteo Scalera have a new work-for-hire comic book from Image Comics, based on a project Millar has been working up for Netflix, called King Of Spies, a four-issue series starting in November And where there is a king – Sir Roland King – it appears, there's a queen In this case, The[...]
Matteo Scalera To Draw Mark Millar's King Of Spies From Image/Netflix
Italian comic book creator Matteo Scalera is best known for his work on Batman, Daredevil, Deadpool, Incorruptible, Power Rangers and is also the co-creator of Black Science with Rick Remender and Dead Body Road with Justin Jordan, as well as drawing Space Bandits based on the Mark Millar Netflix pitch, all published by Image Comics[...]
Travis Charest, Frank Quitely And More With Mark Millar in 2021/2022
This year that means announcing artists who will be working on new, unknown Millarworld books, owned by Netflix, published by Image Comics, in 2021 and 2022. As well as Mark Millar's own notebooks for The Magic Order vol 3 and 4, based on the TV series he created for Netflix and drawn by Olivier Coipel, Millar[...]
First Look at Mark Millar and Matteo Scalera's Space Bandits
Space Bandits #1 is set to hit comic shops on July 3rd, with final order cutoff Monday, June 10th. Space Bandits #1 MAY190028 (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Matteo Scalera MINISERIES PREMIERE! Thena Khole and Cody Blue are among the universe's most wanted felons Each the leader of their own criminal ops, they run heists across the galaxies-hopping from ship[...]
Mark Millar's Next Comic/TV Show is Spa
Netflix has announced the latest Millarworld comic book/film adaptation project, Space Bandits, by writer Mark Millar and artist Matteo Scalera, with a first issue variant cover by Howard Chaykin Millar describes the project as "a female Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid set in space with a massive and exciting cast of characters." Image Comics[...]
Top and Bottom 5 Comics, Week of June 6th, 2018: Justice League Soars, Xerxes Sinks
This was a downright beautiful comic book, and I recommend everyone pick up the trade and give it a read when it's released. Black Science #36 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio   4 Black Science #36 After Black Science #36 blew me away, I had to come back and read the Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera comic series again[...]
Black Science #36 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio
They soon discover that the party is actually their own wedding reception. Black Science #36 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio Black Science #36 is a metaphysical marriage counseling session It's also the most beautiful and well-realized version of such an idea that I've ever seen—though admittedly I'm not sure how many of those I've seen. I[...]
The Weatherman Gets a Matteo Scalera Limited Variant and a Synthwave Soundtrack
Great news for fans of the upcoming meteorological-themed comic from Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox, and Dave Stewart! In a press release double-shot, Image Comics has revealed that not only will Weatherman #1 get a limited edition variant cover featuring artwork by Matteo Scalera, colors by Matt Wilson, and design by Tom Muller, but the comic[...]
Black Science #35 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio
Grant stays behind, and the woman helps Grant work out his personal problems. Black Science #35 cover by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio It's always heartening to jump into a long-running comic like this and to be able to follow along with relative ease Admittedly, reading the previously page helped, but, even then, Black Science #35 is[...]
The Crow: Memento Mori #1 cover by Werther Dell'Edera and Giovanni Niro
Matteo Scalera's work in the backup story looks great too. The Crow: Memento Mori #1 shows a ponderous franchise reduced to simple revenge fantasy While the original tale and earlier sequels and adaptations were not perfect, most give the reader something more than brutal murder with a grinning protagonist While the art and the backup story[...]
C.B. Cebulski, Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics
The likes of Skottie Young, David Lafuente, Rob Guillory, Matteo Scalera, Sana Takeda, Paul Azacata, Adi Granov, Sara Pichelli, Phil Noto, Steve McNiven, and Val De Landro were amongst his finds. He rose to the position of Senior Vice President at the comic publisher before being the Marvel Man at Disney in China, where he worked for the past[...]
black science
Superstar writer Rick Remender has some strong words for anybody who isn't reading Black Science, the Image comic by Remender and Matteo Scalera: you're being an asshole Not in general, and not to Remender or his co-creator You're being an asshole, according to Remender, to some of the best art in the world. Remender called out art[...]
"A Must-Have For Fans Of The Book And New Readers" Black Science Bonus Content
New York Times bestselling writer Rick Remender (Deadly Class, Low, Tokyo Ghost) and Matteo Scalera tease a few pages from the forthcoming Black Science Deluxe Hardcover Edition, Vol 1, set to hit stores this February… Rick Remender talked about the books release by saying: "This hardcover commemorates the three-year anniversary of when we started production on the[...]
CYSBR – Comics You Should Be Reading! Black Science And Mind MGMT
The combined art genius of Matteo Scalera and Dean White create dozens of worlds that instantly transport you into another universe. One of my favorite things about Remender's writing is that he always finds a way to remind us of what's happening without it being forced or obvious The organic flow makes for excellent trade paperbacks[...]
The Bleed Episode 5: Reading Rick Remender's Black Science With Mike Moreci
The group meets every Wednesday on Google Hangout to discuss news, the latest comics, creator interviews and the pick of the week. This week, we're discussing the Image Comics series Black Science by Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera, Dean White and Rus Wooton. [youtube][/youtube] This week we're joined by Michael Moreci (of Image Comics' Roche Limit and Hoax Hunters among many others) and Chase Magnett (of Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE)[...]
The Bleed Episode 4: Reading Ray Fawkes' The People Inside With Ales Kot
Look forward to that soon! [audio:] Next week we'll be back to our regular time, joined by Michael Moreci (of Roche Limit and Hoax Hunters) and Chase Magnett (of comic shop Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE) to discuss Black Science by Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera. Click here to view the Google Hangout. Have a gem of wisdom you'd like to share? Insightful observation to impart? Join in on the[...]
Skybound Keeps Busy and Kirkman "Will Die" Working on Walking Dead at SDCC
#106 features an issue-long arm-wrestling match, according to Kirkman, but he may or may not be joking. Joshua Williamson, Matteo Scalera, Josh Williamson, Matthew Roberts, and Chris Dingess also joined Kirkman on the panel to talk about upcoming works Dingness, who originally worked with Kirkman on Battle Pope, was welcomed on board to Skybound. New series Dead[...]
Remender Previews Black Science
Black Science Cover The recently announced new Image series Black Science by Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Dean White is meant to be from the same mold as Fear Agent and takes great inspiration from Frank Frazetta. Remender posted a preview of the series on his website. You can easily see the Frazetta feel with the covers. Fear Agent ran[...]
Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera And Dean White Bring Black Science To Image
"Conan and bongs" Rick Remender returns to Image Comics with the Frazetta-inspired Black Science drawn by Matteo Scalera Intended for the Fear Agent crowd, a spiritual sequel to that book, it will have digital paints by Dean White. "Conan and bongs" Rick Remender returns to Image Comics with the Frazetta-inspired Black Science drawn by Matteo Scalera[...]