Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 24th June 2018 – 'Some of the Best Spider-Man Art of the Decade'

This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait till the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 24th June 2018 – 'Some of the Best Spider-Man Art of the Decade'

It's a Batman week so Batman is at the top closely followed by Justice League. A little lower down, X-Men Gold's wedding issue and Man Of Steel were tight together, as were Dan Slott's first Iron Man and final Spider-Man… and Hit-Girl can still surprise.

  1. Batman #49
  2. Justice League #2
  3. X-Men Gold #30
  4. Man of Steel #4
  5. Tony Stark Iron Man #1
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #801
  7. Avengers #3
  8. Batman: Prelude Red Hood vs. Anarky #1
  9. Hit-Girl #5
  10. Doctor Strange #2

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Who had this to say,

Margins were really tight this week as the top 7 were all actually all close to being the #1 spot. Avengers numbers before "No Surrender" were so low that I wondered if that book would ever rebound, but now it sells Hickman numbers if not maybe a little higher. We are sold out as of right now and so is Diamond. The bait and switch on X-men Gold #30 and news outlets running the story prior to release helped bump that book up. Tony Stark Iron Man was a breath of fresh air for anyone who didn't care for Bendis' run. I think overall readership has been up these last few months and I'm pleased as punch.

Batman, Justice League and Man of Steel have put DC back on top of the FFF Weekly Top Ten, taking the top three spots. The big "Wedding of the Century" sold about half as well as Batman and could've sold a lot better if Marvel would have promoted the real wedding better.

It's so odd what stories they pick and choose to spoil themselves on the front page of a major national publication. Tony Stark, Avengers and Doctor Strange also sold well. I was a little surprised to see Doctor Strange still in the Top Ten even without Donny Cates writing the book, but Mark Waid is an established name with his fan base. It's good to see that he can easily hold over some Cates fans as well as bring in his own. Dan Slott's last Spider-Man issue hit the middle of the Top Ten. Hopefully the All New All Now #1 will bring Amazing back to the top!

The lead-up to the (hopefully) Bat-Wedding is going strong – always good to have an Artgerm cover, too. Man of Steel is picking up steam. Everyone was worried Bendis would ruin Superman and held off until they heard some word-of-mouth, I guess? At any rate, people are starting to pick it up. Justice League is doing like you'd expect a Snyder book to do, although everyone is understandably disappointed that Cheung couldn't manage to stay on longer.

X-Men Gold's bait-and-switch story has been met with mild surprise, if not outright enthusiasm. I expect word to travel and bring in some older fans of the characters. Slott's Amazing Spider-Man swan song was nice. Tony Stark Iron-Man had too many covers. WAAAAAY too many covers. Can someone tell Marvel that people MIGHT try to "collect them all" when there's 4 to collect, but NEVER when there's (what was it, 28?) when you break 'em, they just buy one, or worse, none of the thing.

BATMAN #49 was far and away our best seller this week, thanks to all that wedding lead-up heat. Supes was no slouch either, as MAN OF STEEL #4 fell into the second place spot. Marvel gets in on their own wedding shenanigans with X-MEN GOLD #30 landing in the top half of our list as well.

This week gave us some of the best Spider-Man art of the decade, with Marcos Martin on AMAZING #801 and the Allreds and Chris Bachalo bringing SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 to life. Both titles landed, quite deservedly, on our best sellers list this week.

Other titles that performed well for us included Snyder's hit JUSTICE LEAGUE and the brand-new TONY STARK IRON MAN #1.

It was a painful week. Tony Stark Iron Man #1 sold terribly. Issue 600 of Invincible Iron Man sold better for us but here people for the most part passed on Iron Man. Doctor Strange #2 dropped off massively from the first issue. X Men Gold which I thought would be sold out and have people excited did not come close to selling out. I still have the bagged and other covers for the issue and it looks like it will remain as dead product. Amazing Spider-Man's $9.99 issue of issue 800 looks like it was a jumping off point for readers repeating what happened for us when Marvel had Amazing Spider-man 25 for $9.99. Batman took the top spot and DC had their usual level of sales though we need a strong Marvel to really make some money.

Hurray, Marvel is good again!

Six DC titles, four Marvel titles in our Top Ten this week–but the real surprise was that the Batman Dark Prince Charming title managed to break into the Top Ten! It's rare for an original graphic novel/hardcover to outsell so many periodical comics.

Notable sales:

The Life of Pope John Paul II #1 Holy/Very Holy $4.00 Pretty fun book we sold in our weekly comic Facebook auction. Not the rarest book around, but definitely an interesting piece of Marvel Comics History.

Fantastic Four #90 G/VG $8 Stan and Jack on arguably their best book with a very cool Skrull story. Not in the best shape but again, a cool piece of Marvel history.

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