Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 30th July 2017 – "Things Might Just Be Looking Up For Marvel"

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And Secret Empire #7? It's a hit.

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 30th July 2017 – "Things Might Just Be Looking Up For Marvel"

  1. Secret Empire #7
  2. Detective Comics #961
  3. Flash #27
  4. All Star Batman #12
  5. Saga #45
  6. Action Comics #984
  7. Black Panther #16
  8. Batman/The Shadow #4
  9. Justice League Of America #11
  10. Edge Of Venomverse #3

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Who had this to say,

Wonder Woman is still holding pretty well, which is never a given when a high profile writer or artist leaves a book so I am grateful people are giving the new team a chance. Secret Empire had a major upswing in sales this week and hit #1 for us. Also noteworthy, we had a preorder special on Generations and had a big response to that this week. Things might just be looking up for Marvel if they can keep the momentum of this launch going.


Saga, our forever MVP, of course took the top spot this week. Otherwise it was a pretty even split between Marvel and DC titles, with Secret Empire as a pretty distant second in our top 10. The only other outliers were Calexit #1 (we had a Black Mask signing at our store yesterday!) and Doctor Aphra #10.


Bigger week for indie titles as two of our Top Ten and six of our Top Twenty titles were from a publisher other than the Big Two. Saga and Redneck were both in the Top Ten this week. Strong creative teams lead to popular books and it doesn't hurt that we push both books pretty heavily whenever we can. The only Marvel book to make the Top Ten was Edge of Venomverse. This title is proving more popular than I initially thought, seeing as they chose to go with the Ghost Rider with two canceled books in the span of two years.

In the Top Twenty we had Plastic at #11, Go Go Power Rangers at #16, Outcast at #19 and Shirtless Bear Fighter at #20. Plastic and Outcast have a pretty good following, Power Rangers comics have a devoted segment of readers, and Shirtless Bear Fighter is just good ol' fashioned insanity in comic form. These are titles that can have better numbers, if they could only get the press that a lot of these other sub-par books are getting because they cater to controversy. On that note, the House of Ideas isn't selling great. Secret Empire, the publisher's big summer event, is hanging by a thread. It was outsold by the Flash, Hal Jordan and Wonder Woman (the latter of which has lost a handful of readers after Rucxit). I don't see Secret Empire magically gaining readers with the last two (or is it three?) issues. People just don't seem to care how Captain America is going to be redeemed and they're not going to pay $5 just to find out that it doesn't really matter because he's coming back as the One True Cap and all that development doesn't mean dick when it comes to Cosmic Cubes and Movie Money.


Slow week. Surprisingly slow. Flash took the over all top spot. Cable 3 took the top spot for Marvel. Not sure if news of him being in the Deadpool movie helped or what. Secret Empire 7 clocked in at 8th place. Which for a Marvel Event is not a good thing.


This probably isn't the place.

Publishers: you need to stop putting issue numbers and especially logos on the far right. when overlapped, you might as well have shipped a piece of cardboard.

Marvel: Stop with the variants that have NOTHING to do with the comic. (e.g. x-men trading cards on black panther??). With a cursory glance, WHAT THE HELL IS IT? At least have them available for previews. Posting them randomly as you get your act together is a burden I'm not prepared to carry.


Secret Empire #7 took fourth place on a slower-than-normal Wednesday (the impending beginning of school in five more days may have negatively affected Wednesday sales overall). Star Wars Doctor Aphra #10 and SAga #45 were the other two non-DC top ten books for us this week.

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