Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter, Week of 03/28/18: Just Read Terrifics #2 Instead

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter returns in a timely fashion this week, and we actually talk about comics that came out this week! Applaud us, because I'm bad at keeping schedules and general competence.

Jeremy Konrad is my sole co-host this week again (hopefully Eliot will be back soon), and we continue our hot streak of actually staying focused and on topic about the comics we read.

This time around, we discuss the big DC releases for the week, Dark Nights: Metal #6 and Doomsday Clock #4, the landmark Daredevil #600, and two high-profile Image releases, Saga #50 and Days of Hate #3. The last of that list Jeremy was unfortunately unable to read due to the high demand for this comic, so it was up to me to ramble in the vague direction of the comic.

We mostly agree this week too, though we still went opposite directions on Doomsday Clock #4 and Dark Knights: Metal #6. Witness as I completely forget the name of the Will from Saga and not even realize that he was at the end of #50. Though, in the end, we also agreed that you should probably just be reading Terrifics #2 anyway (hopefully our producer-man Bill left that one in for you to enjoy).

In any case, I hope you enjoy this week's video/podcast, because Jeremy and Bill worked really hard on it. I mostly sat there, looked pretty, and tussled nervously at my thinning hair. My hope is that if I keep drawing attention to it, my self-consciousness about it may just go away sometime soon. Or, I might just finally wear a hat and/or get a damn haircut. Also, yes, my beard needs a good trimming.

Anyway, we'll hopefully be able to keep the streak going and have another video/podcast for you next week around the same time, so look out for that.

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Josh is a longtime super hero comic fan and an aspiring comic book and fiction writer himself. He also trades in videogames, Star Wars, and Magic: The Gathering, and he is also a budding film buff. He's always been a huge nerd, and he hopes to contribute something of worth to the wider geek culture conversation. He is also happy to announce that he is the new Reviews Editor for Bleeding Cool. Follow on Twitter @joshdavisonbolt.
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