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Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar Think We are on the Brink of a New Comic's Boom at #C2E2

Storied writers Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar had a panel at this year's C2E2.

Most of the hour-long discussion is a sharing of anecdotes with line exchanges that all competed for the prize of being the headline to this article. Early on, they talk about their early days at Marvel. This invovles the discussion of how bad Millar's tenure at DC Comics had gotten by the end of its run. This led to things being said like "Mark was throwing babies out of windows" and a recitation of the phrase "I don't know how your sperm fertilized the egg first," also in regards to Millar. Marvel itself was in the midst of bankruptcy when they joined up, and things were being sold out of the Marvel offices when they arrived. They also shared that Joe Quesada was afraid to send them out in the same cab after Bendis and Millar hit it big in case there was an accident.

Mark Millar is also apparently quite the prankster, and two specific instances come to mind. One was Millar almost convincing a writer via email that he was a Klansman willing to pay the writer $50,000 dollars a page for a comic entitled "White Power." Another was Millar almost convincing Bendis that he was writer David Mamet, wanted to cowrite a book with Bendis, and then pitched terrible comic ideas like extending Clone Saga to the present.

The thing that stuck out the most and won the headline war was the assertation from Mark Millar, which Brian Michael Bendis supported, that we are on the cusp of a massive comics boom thanks to the new talent rising to the top at Marvel (they name-check Matthew Rosenberg, Donny Cates, and Kelly Thompson) and the good work coming out from DC as of late along with Bendis' impending Superman run. They also supported the work coming out of the other publishers. This part intrigued me. I'm not sure if it holds water, but, as a fan of comics both from the Big Two and otherwise, I do hope its true. We here at Bleeding Cool love our cynicism, myself as much as anyone here, but we do want to see good comics being made. Maybe Millar and Bendis will be write here

In any case, the full panel is available below for your viewing pleasure.

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